Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pangaea Kickstarter

I'm a little late getting this up on the blog, but I've been promoting it on Twitter and Facebook for a while. So here you go.

A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to join a Kickstarter campaign for a shared-world science fiction anthology called Pangaea. The basic premise of this world is that the super-continent Pangaea never separated, and mankind evolved on a single, gigantic C-shaped continent. It is a vastly different world from the one we know today, and yet still somewhat the same.

And look at the names on this project, y'all: Michael Burstein. Adam-Troy Castro. Russ Colchamiro. Peter David. Michael Jan Friedman. Robert Greenberger. Glenn Hauman. Paul Kupperberg. Kelly Meding. Aaron Rosenberg. Lawrence M. Schoen. Geoffrey Thorne. Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.

We're a bit over halfway to our goal with 15 days to go. For only $8 (the most basic pledge) you'll get an ebook version of this anthology. 14 different stories by 14 different authors, including myself. And if you're feeling really frisky, there are two opportunities for me to Tuckerize you. That means I will write you into my story by name as a minor character, and if you want, I can even kill "you" off in true Kelly Meding style.

I would really love the opportunity to write this story, so please, if you have a few bucks and want some amazing stories, please pledge!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Why I Cancelled Appearing at Coastal Magic Con This Year

I've wanted to attend Coastal Magic Con since it's inception (and when it went by a completely different name), and I was very, very excited to receive an invitation to be a guest author for 2015. The con was well-reviewed by attendees, I would get to meet bloggers and authors I only knew from online, and who doesn't like Florida in February? I wanted to go. Badly.

And then a lot of things started to happen in 2014. Some bad things, some okay things, some things that were completely out of my control. But for the most part, the last half of 2014 kind of sucked for a variety of reasons. I held off cancelling for as long as I could, hoping something might turn in my favor, but it didn't. And while I did explain my reasons to the folks in charge, I never publicly stated why I'm cancelling. I want the folks who might have been looking forward to hanging out with me to hear it from the horse's mouth (so to speak).

A lot of different factors went into my decision not to go to CMC, but the largest consideration was finances. Someone on social media mentioned it was because Cornerstone Run didn't do well in sales, and yes, that's true. But that's only a tiny part of the financial big picture. Even if the books had sold like gangbusters, the money accrued wouldn't have landed in time to help me out. Since last summer, my living situation has been...altered. My expenses are higher while my day job income has stayed the same, and writing as Kelly Meding/Meade isn't bringing in much extra. After my expenditures for two different cons last August, I simply don't have the $1000+ to cover airfare, hotel, and food for a trip to Florida.

Another deciding factor was pretty simple: I don't have anything new to promote. I'm still taking a hiatus from writing/publishing as Kelly Meding/Meade, and the break is doing me good. I'm more centered than I used to be. I do still plan on finishing Dreg City at some point, but not today. Probably not tomorrow, either, or even next week. But at some point. I'm not finished writing paranormal stuff, I simply need to find my passion for it again.

I'll still be doing the usual stuff: Facebook, Twitter, and the occasional blog post. I'm not going away, but I might spend more time hiding in the corner than usual.

And so we're clear, this isn't a "woe is me" post. It isn't a "you didn't buy my book so I'm going to your con" kind of post. I was in tears writing to Jennifer, saying I couldn't come. This is me telling you why I can't be there this year, and that I'm so sorry for missing out.

And this is me saying I truly hope to see you guys there next year.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taking My Health Into My Own Hands

I haven't written anything too personal on this blog lately. I haven't written much of anything, to be honest, but those of you who've seen me post about this on Facebook know what's been going on. And I want to put it all here in case it helps anyone else.

Since the summer of 2013, I've been suffering with TMJ related pain. For those who don't know, feel free to Google it. For those of you who do, or who also suffer with it, you already know. I used over-the-counter mouthguards for a while, until they just weren't helping and the pain was too much, and I finally went to the dentist (after too many years of avoiding). After a thorough dental cleaning, I was fitted for a special mouthguard on my lower teeth to help with grinding. Grinding teeth at night is one of the big bad things that TMJ suffers do. It took a few weeks (and a lot of money) but I got the mouthguard.

It kind of helped. The pain levels were up and down for the next couple of months, sometimes around a 4 (on a 1-10 scale), sometimes a 7 or 8. Early in 2014, I was getting frustrated by the whole thing, so I made an appointment with a local orthodontist who specialized in TMJ disorders. He didn't like the mouthguard my dentist ordered, so I was fitted for an upper teeth guard that cost 3x as much. *big sigh*

The really irritating thing was that it would take 3 weeks to get it. More pain. And once it came in, he wanted me to wear it for a few weeks to see if the pain improved. At that point, I was ready to burst into tears. I clearly remember the feeling. But I did it.

At this point, so many of the details are jumbled together, and I'm too lazy to research. But the mouthguard kind of helped. The pain was up and down most days. And then May/June hit, and my life because an unexpected quagmire of stress. I didn't care enough to call the ortho. And then Kitteh's illness in July took the wind out of me. Plus stress causes inflammation, so....

I also somehow managed to knock my glasses to the floor in the middle of the night, step on them, bend them, and the people at Lenscrafters couldn't quite get them right again, so the nose pad dug into my face. More pain. Pretty much all day long, I was raging at around an 8.5-9. The area around my right eye would get numb by the end of the night.

Not fun.

Sometime in August (I think) I went back to my orthodontist, and we decided to try muscle relaxers for two weeks, taken before bed. After two nights, I already noticed a change in my pain level. The relaxers are supposed to stop the head and jaw muscles from spasming during the night, which is part of what causes the pain, and they were doing their job. Yay! At the two-week follow-up appointment, my pain was simmering around 4 by the end of the day, so we chalked it up to a win. I made another appointment for November.

Two days later, the pain shot back up to 7-8. I tried herbal remedies. I tried all kinds of supplements. I massage my face, head and neck every morning in the shower. Now I'm one of those weird people who don't like to seem needy. I hate going to the doctor, any doctor. So I didn't want to call my ortho yet. I didn't want to have to take more drugs or get a Botox shot.

Now some of you know that last summer my sister had some serious pain issues in her hands. Carpal tunnel symptoms that no one could really diagnose. She started eating gluten free in order to control the pain, and except for a few slips, it's worked for her. I did some more research into gluten sensitivities, and how it can cause inflammation. I found stories online of folks whose TMJ pain has been improved by cutting out gluten.
So I figured what the hell? I was desperate to stop living every day in pain. I wanted stop taking six ibuprofen a day, that really didn't help. So on September 29th I had my last (known) encounter with gluten. It was Progresso Minestrone soup (my old favorite). The next day I began a journey toward eating gluten free.

Was it difficult? Not really. I did it because I WANTED to do it. And I like to cook, so preparing things from scratch rather than relying on frozen dinners and frozen pizza wasn't a hard switch. It took about two weeks before I started to notice a change. And over the course of about a month, I went from a pain level of 8.5 down to around a 4-5, depending on the day.

Over the last few months, I've noticed a lot of other things. My overall sense of wellness has improved. I am less bloated. I am more cheerful now that I'm not in pain. And I have found a lot of new favorite foods (a year ago I never would have imagined liking black eyed peas and lima beans). I also made use of my insurance and got a new pair of glasses. Once the nose pads were properly aligned, the pain dropped to around a 3.5-4.

The last two days are the best I've felt in a year. When I told my ortho in November about being gluten free, he told me he'd had a few other patients show improvement by doing the same. He also asked if I'd cut out dairy, but I told him I love cheese too much. LOL.

So yes. I am gluten free by choice, and it has improved the TMJ inflammation that used to make me want to bash my head against a wall. Sometimes I miss Hardee's chicken tenders, but I've found great substitutes. Some people still look at gluten free like it's a fad, but gluten sensitivity does exist in more people than probably realize. The wheat we eat isn't the same as the wheat our ancestors used to eat. It's highly processed and it's not good for us.

In the end, when I can end my day with a low discomfort level and a belly full of healthy food, I call it a win.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

White Knight: Snippet

A snippet from Chapter One.

48 Days!


Knight sent a quick “where are you?” text to Bishop.

Instead of texting an answer, Bishop took his overprotective nature in hand and called. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“Are you busy?” Knight asked.

“Inspecting the new apartments with Jeremiah and the electrician. They should be move-in ready by the end of the week.”

“That’s good news.” With more than a hundred new loup joining their town in the last two months, they’d built apartments and homes with enough space to permanently house the newcomers. Newcomers who’d spent the last few weeks sleeping in spare rooms and on sofas all over town.

The human electrician had been a compromise, since no one in Cornerstone was qualified to wire up entire buildings with multiple apartments, and Bishop had spent the better part of the week overseeing the project.

“Yeah,” Bishop said. “It’ll be good to give everyone some stability.”

“You’re right, it will. And I’m sure your wife will be glad to have some of your attention back.”

Bishop’s sharp laughter bellowed over the phone. “Trust me, when Jillian wants my attention, she gets it.”

Knight heard the affection in his brother’s voice for the woman who’d stolen his heart. Maybe not in the ass-over-teakettle way that Rook had fallen for Brynn, but Bishop and Jillian had a fierce bond. They were both stronger together than apart, and as they eased into their roles, they would easily put any other Alpha couple to shame.

Both of Knight’s brothers were married and in love with their mates. He envied them their joy.


“Huh?” Had Bishop been speaking?

“I asked you what was wrong. You sound off.”

“I’m fine. Rook just got some big news, though.”

“Big good?”

“Very good, I hope.”

“What’s going on?”

“Forget it. Call him, it’s not my place to tell.”

“Okay, I will. Are you sure—?”

“I’m fine.” Knight ended the call before he had to defend his tone of voice anymore. He couldn’t always control how he came across lately, and it bothered him, but there was nothing to be done. In truth, he’d been lucky to come out of his forced shift at all. The fact that his mind was mostly intact was a small miracle. He could deal with the occasional outburst.

His family might feel differently, but whatever. He was the one the hybrids had targeted. He was the grand prize for them. He welcomed another attempt at acquiring him.

Come and get me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Release Day: Gray Bishop (Cornerstone Run #2)

Some people need something to fight for…

With the attacks on their homes escalating and human half-breeds seeking sanctuary among them, the loup garou are reaching their breaking point. Two, in particular.

After failing to stop his little brother’s kidnapping years ago, Bishop McQueen angrily broods on his shame, though no one else blames him.

Jillian Reynolds is still dealing with a tragic accident that took everything she ever wanted from life. And her attraction to Bishop is only making things more difficult.

When word reaches them that Jillian's hometown is under attack, the Alpha takes Bishop, Jillian, and a group of enforcers to assist in the battle. And it is in this chaos that both Bishop and Jillian will have to face their pasts—and the true feelings they have for each other—if they are going to survive…

Barnes & Noble

Friday, October 10, 2014

What the Heck is up with Dreg City 6?

I've written variations of this post in my head many times over the last few weeks. The words haven't changed a whole lot. Mostly it never felt like the right time, because I hadn't accepted the decision. And before anyone panics, no, I'm not going to tell you that I won't be writing Dreg City 6. I will. Just not anytime soon.

Back in June, there was some pretty big upheaval in my personal life. I'm not going into the details, suffice to say I lost my home office, my privacy, and I gained some roommates. This summer was a huge adjustment period for everyone currently living under this roof. But the loss of a separate writing space for me was difficult to adjust to, and I was under deadline for White Knight so I pushed through it. An I got the book finished just in time for Kitteh to get deathly ill, so the summer pretty much sucked.

Kitteh is fine now, though, so yay!

And then things changed again in August/September, and I had to adjust to another new element in my daily life. Plus I work in retail, and we're beginning to swing into the Holiday Selling Season, so my day job is becoming even more stressful. I'm still frustrated on a daily basis by certain things, and before anyone thinks "you have the power to change your life, Kelly!" No, not with this. This is up to someone else to fix, so that my life can go back to normal. And this post is not meant to embarrass anyone. It's the vaguest way I can try to explain why I've made the decision I've made.

What's the decision, already?!

I'm taking a break from writing. I have given myself permission to take a break. To not stress about my next book, or about getting my next contract. To stop checking sales ranks on Amazon. For at least rest of October, I'm going to watch DVD's, read books, and try to unwind while squirreled away in my cave. Because this, at least, is one thing that I can control right now.

I'm definitely not disappearing from social media. I still have a book coming out this month and another in January. I'll be doing some promo for them, of course, and I'm too addicted to Twitter to leave it. I'll still be blogging when necessary.

The other thing I'll be doing is taking some time to reassess my career. It's a painful thing for a writer to have two series cancelled. I took a risk with the Cornerstone Run trilogy by changing genres and names, and it hasn't paid off like I'd hoped. So I need to think. I need to decide what I want to write, and where I want my career to go from here.

I WILL be writing the final two Dreg City books at some point, because I promised you guys I would. It's been almost five years since Three Days to Dead was published and we began Evy's journey. Everyone who has hung in with me from the start, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. For the new fans who are still discovering Dreg City, thank you. For everyone who has ever left a review of my work on Amazon, GoodReads, or any other site, thank you.

I'll see you around the internet.