Thursday, October 19, 2006

Deep Core Armageddon Day

Time for another round of the AW Chain. Number seven, to be precise. Previously, on Peregrinas, quidscribis wrote moving from Quebec to Sri Lanka. The differences in language, culture, landscape, and tradition. Things that make one human being seem so different from another, even though beneath those surface items, we are all the same.

The irony of writing this now is that while I read the previous post, the film Armageddon was playing on the TV behind me. The specific sequence of events was the launch of the shuttles into space, when the President gives a voice-over about saving ourselves from extinction, over half a dozen shots of men and women around the world, listening to translations of the speech. The eyes of the world are on the drillers, and we are all in it together.

Ever notice that it's always America that saves the world? We did it in The Core, Deep Impact (with a little Russian help), Armageddon (another token crazy Russian), and Independence Day (no Russians). Granted these films are made with an American audience in mind, but talk about self-aggrandizing. I want to see a movie where Tibet saves the world. Just because they haven't yet.

Let's share the wealth. Make someone else a hero for once. After all, every one of these movies make a point of showing just how similar Americans, French, Russian, Dutch, Japanese, and Egyptians are to each other. Prove it, Hollywood. Let Denmark save us all from a nuclear winter, or show how China blows the Boston-sized asteroid out of space.

I have only one request: no Ben Affleck.

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Harbormaster said...

Wow, I don't know if we could handle "outsiders" with saving the world. :)

It does make you think!

Anonymous said...

Well, the big media houses are owned by American companies.
May be one exception is James Bond. He is British.

Peggy K said...

What else would we do with our big missiles, fancy space program and laptop computers bearing viruses if we weren't saving the world? I always assumed that there were similar movies in China and Russia where they save the world - isn't that the case?

(Also, the UK not only has James Bond, but also Dr. Who, so they are set.)

Talia said...

LOL Peggy, very good

Cath Smith said...

Ha ha! Standing joke in our house - anyone with a "furrin" accent has to be the bad guy - doubly so if they're British. :)

Anonymous said...

Australia saves the world with extraodinary regularity. We do it by returning Mel Gibson to his True Homeland and by lending you Russell Crowe, and... suddenly Tom Lehrer's song about sending the marines seems to be playing in the background.