Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not Really Gone

Yes, I am alive. Sorry for the extended absence.

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like the needle has fallen off your compass, so you can't tell if you're going around in circles or making progress? That's been me. I can't say for sure if the needle is firmly attached yet. We'll see.

News that has nothing to do with anything important: I have a tan for the first time in several years. Okay, so it's a farmer's tan (shorts and sneaker lines), but my arms and face are a lovely shade of honey brown now. And the weather is holding steady in the mid-eighties. I wonder if we can make it all the way to August without turning on the air conditioning....

We went to the Delaware State Fair last night. First time in several years that I've been here and able to go. I have so many memories of the Fair. Attending with my grandparents and walking through each and every barn (horses, cows, and goats, oh my!). Going on the midway rides on coupon day with my sister and dad (and nearly having a sun stroke one year). Eating fried chicken at the Grange. Fresh kettle corn. The World's Smallest Horse. Vendors and freebies and shows...

It was my niece's first year at the Fair, and she just had a blast. She pet her first goat and her first horse. *g*

And yes, there will be a Countdown: July! contest. I'll either do it tomorrow or Monday, I haven't decided. So stay tuned!!!

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