Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring!

I have to admit, I'm happy to see spring finally arrive. I hate winter. I hate being cold. I like being warm, and I like sunshine. But in retrospect, this winter went by very quickly. VERY quickly. I can't even figure out where the time's gone.

This past week, though, I know exactly where my time has been spent: up to my ears in Dreg City. Edits for book four landed the week before last, and I've been digging into those. I really do love this book for a lot of reasons. The flashbacks are handled a bit differently than in the first three books, you get to meet some new shape-shifters, and--wait...that's just mean, isn't it? Talking about a book that won't be out for another year? *innocent smile*

Anyway, those edits are done. I'm letting it sit for a little while before I give a few sections another reread, just for clarity. Then it's back to Bantam! Yay!

Right now I'm preparing to dive into edits for TRANCE. Funny story about publishing to go along with this: when I went to open my digital file last night, it said the last time the file was modified was August 2009. I immediately thought that I'd misplaced/lost/corrupted the original file, and that I was in deep trouble. I searched my files, then searched my Sent emails. Surely it hadn't been a year and a half since I'd last modified the book!

And yet, it has been. That's the file that was sent to my agent, which was sent to my Pocket editor. It really floored me to think about the time frame, and then I got a good giggle out of it. It honestly didn't feel like it had been that long since I'd fiddled with this book, but it had.

But now I get to play again, in a world where superheroes are scarce, feared, and your own powers can be turned against you.... *cue dramatic music*

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Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Happy Spring! :) I too am one that prefers to be warm than cold. And I seem to never get warm in the winter months.

Oh, this means release day is coming soon. :) Can't wait! And now teasing us with book 4. tsk, tsk on you. ;D

But more shape-shifters, hmmmm... I wonder if they are a different species than what we've met already or the same... hmmm, things to ponder. :)

Thanks! Hope the weather stays on the warm path and doesn't revert on us.