Thursday, February 13, 2014

Farpoint Schedule

Tomorrow, I'm heading out to the Baltimore area for Farpoint despite the snow. It should be plowed out by the time I hit the road. I hope. Anywho, here's my schedule for the weekend, for anyone who's out and about and wants to say hello.

Building A Series                       Fri 2/14/14     1600     Chesapeake 1
Farpoint Book Fair                     Fri 2/14/14     2300     Dulaney Valley 1
Beating Writer's Block                Sat 2/15/14     1000     Chesapeake 1
How to Kill A Character               Sat 2/15/14     1100     Chesapeake 1
I'm Walkin' Here! The Walking 
Dead - 'nuff said                         Sat 2/15/14     1300     Dulaney Valley 2
All Kinds of Writing Workshop      Sat 2/15/14     1400     Parlor Room 308
Writing Convincing Lead 
Characters                                 Sat 2/15/14     1400     Chesapeake 1
Marvel's Agents of Shield            Sun 2/16/14     1100     Dulaney Valley 2
I'm pretty excited by all the panels. And "How to Kill a Character"? Does that have me stamped all over it or what?

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