Saturday, March 11, 2006

What the Frak Was That?

Okay, so this is attempt number two to write this entry. I hate Microsoft Works. Four paragraphs later, I get a frigging error message. Dummy me didn't save the file yet, so here I am, writing it all again. With this little addition, of course. So yes, I say it for all to see: MSWorks sucks!

Better now.

My brain is on Battlestar Galactica overload at the moment, after watching three and a half hours of it yesterday. I even dreamed about the show. Sadly, no naked Jamie Bamber in the dream, but that's what daydreaming is for, right? I just have to say THANK YOU to the producers for the episode "Downloaded," without which I may never have understood the process by which Cylons transfer their consciousnesses to new bodies. And how cool was it that Caprica-Six had Baltar in her head? Her playing Whack-A-Mole with Xena's head and a chunk of concrete was just awesome!

Anyhow, giggle fits aside, Roslin is a much better debater than Baltar. But Zarek was right, in that people vote their hopes, not their fears. I was genuinely shocked that Roslin agreed to fixing the election. She had a "greater good" in mind, but it turned around to bite her in the ass. Damn you, Gaeta.

I'm glad that Kara and Anders are back together. They are adorable. But Kara needs the Galactica version of AA, and quickly! I don't care if she was drunk, the way she acted in front of Lee was just….ugh. If she was trying to make him jealous, it worked. Then again, I think Lee is an idiot for sleeping with Dualla, but that's just because I can't stand the actress. I'm not exactly a Lee/Kara 'shipper, but I don't like seeing them sniping at each other like this.

Dean Stockwell was a great choice for guest star. A Cylon priest. Interesting choice, no? And he brings a message of peace (I smell something). The Cylons have left Caprica because invading and conquering was the wrong move (yeah, smells like bullsh!t). But our intrepid heroes buy it, then toss both copies of Dean Stockwell out an airlock.

Poor Chief Tyrol probably thinks he is really insane now. First he thinks he's a Cylon. Then he's counseled by a Cylon. Yeah, issues. At least Cally forgave him for beating the crap out of her…

So Gaius Baltar becomes President of the Colonies. Gina blows up Cloud Nine with the nuke he gave her. His first executive order is to begin colonization. Why worry about global defenses when you've got Shantytowns to build?

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor….. One Year Later?????

From that moment on, until the very last scene, I kept wishing, hoping and praying that someone (anyone!) would wake up and tell me that it was all a dream. It had to be a dream.

Baltar rules like Leonardo DiCaprio in Man in the Iron Mask, with women in his bed and air in his head. Poor Gaeta is his staffer, and he looks like he's in great pain doing it. Kara and Anders got married? And now he's sick, which prompts Kara to ask Lee (still commanding Pegasus, with Dualla by his side) for medicine. Something happened between the two, because his reaction is chillier than a North Dakota winter.

Tighe and his wife have just been kicked off Galactica, so Adama can command the lighthouse alone. Tyrol and pregnant-Cally are together, leading a worker's strike. Roslin is still teaching, alongside the lady who adopted the Cylon baby (for one terrifying moment, when we saw that Asian six-year old in the classroom, I had visions of the Star Child from "V").

Everyone is miserable.

So it came as no real shock that the Cylons suddenly came back. The Fleet jumped away, leaving almost 40,000 people defenseless on the surface. Caprica-Six and Boomer are leading the Cylons now, and demand immediate surrender. Baltar wimps out and gives in. It was a brilliant plan, really. Let the humans settle down, grow complacent, then pounce. Cylon drones pouring into town was pretty scary. But always, a glimmer of hope at the end.

Tyrol: What do you do now, Captain?
Starbuck: Same thing we always do. Fight then 'til we can't.


Wait….Returning in October? Now that's just cruel….

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