Tuesday, January 04, 2011


A belated Happy New Year to all!

It's been pretty quiet here on the home front, as I get things from 2010 organized, and prepare my goals for 2011. I'm also excited to finally be able to say "I have two books coming out this year!" The third Dreg City book, ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD, comes out in July, and the first superhero book from Pocket, WARDEN'S TRANCE, comes out in November. I also have several conventions lined up, and will be doing a handful of book signings, as well.

I've also managed to (finally) update my website. It has all of my new and upcoming releases listed. I also hope to add some things to the Free Reads section in the upcoming months. So check it out, and if you still get the original, un-updated page like I was, just clear your cache and close your browser.


Mardel said...

Very cool - two books. Is your superhero book going to be novel or graphic novel form? And what kind of superhero? After reading Black and White by Kessler/Kittredge I'm very open to reading superhero novels. :) I never thought that would have been of interest to me, but I loved Black and White.

Looking forward to your answers.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

The superhero books will be novel, mostly likely mass-market paperback. It's an original superhero world, where the battling heroes and villains have taken the world to the brink of complete disaster. There's action, big battles, fun powers, sacrifice, and a little bit of romance.

And I love Black & White, too. :)

Tyhitia Green said...

Congratulations on both counts, Kelly. :-D I can't wait. ;-)