Sunday, January 16, 2011

February Appearances

Now that I'm thinking about it, just about a year ago this weekend I was doing my very first book signing up in Newark, DE. So much has happened since then that it's kind of mind boggling.

We're in the middle of winter here, and even though February is the shortest month, it always seems longest to me. Probably because it's the last month before warm weather starts (not to mention Valentine's Day, which I think should be renamed Singles Awareness Day), and by March I'm itching to spend time outside again.

So if you're looking for something to spice up the winter doldrums, I'll be out and around a bit in February.

February 12, I'll be doing a joint signing with Stacey Graham at the Borders in Winchester, Virginia. We'll be there 2 pm. Stacey has a story in the fun zombie anthology HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, so come out and see us!

Also! I'm popping my convention guest cherry! February 18-20, I'll be at Farpoint, a multi-media/multi-fandom convention at the Crown Plaza hotel outside of Baltimore. I've attended this con in the past as a member, and this is my first year as a guest! I'm really excited to be there (and to see my name on a list of Confirmed Guests that includes Peter David and AC Crispin).

And you know who else is a guest at Farpoint this year? Tahmoh Penikett.


I will resist the urge to stalk him...

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Melissa nance said...

Don't resist! STALK AWAY! (And, uh... get me an autograph??) :| I should give you my Battlestar pic...