Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cover Art: Wrong Side of Dead

The cover art for WRONG SIDE OF DEAD (Dreg City #4) has been floating around the internet for about a month now, but I wanted to wait to show it off here until after ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD came out. Mostly because the copy for WSOD has spoilers for AKOD.

It looks like the same cover model from THREE DAYS TO DEAD. I really like the city street background in this one, as well as the green font.


Monster hunter Evangeline Stone woke up on the wrong side of dead this morning—and now there’s hell to pay.

Barely recovered from her extended torture at the hands of mad scientist Walter Thackery, Evy can use a break. What she gets instead is a war, as the battered Triads that keep Dreg City safe find themselves under attack by half-Blood vampires who have somehow retained their reason, making them twice as lethal. Worse, the Halfies are joined by a breed of were-creature long believed extinct—back and more dangerous than ever. Meanwhile, Evy’s attempts at reconciliation with the man she loves take a hit after Wyatt is viciously assaulted—an attack traced to Thackery, who has not given up his quest to exterminate all vampires . . . even if he has to destroy Dreg City to do it. With Wyatt’s time running out, another threat emerges from the shadows and a staggering betrayal shatters the fragile alliance between the Triads, vampires, and shapeshifters, turning Evy’s world upside down forever.


Almira said...

Loved Another Kind of Dead. Each book is more and more amazing and I honestly can not wait for the Wrong Side of Dead. This series is one that I could see being extended to many books without getting too lengthy and boring.

I'm very glad that Trance is coming out soon so that I do not have to wait as many months without some of your wonderful writing.

And in news related to this post I love the cover. Although she looks more blonde on this cover than the others... Doesn't matter. Love it. Love it all.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Hi Almira! So glad to hear you enjoyed Another Kind of Dead, and that the series is staying fresh for you!

Evy definitely seems more blond on this cover. It almost seems like a progression from the darkness of the first book cover to the brighter light of this one. :)

I hope you enjoy Trance when it releases!

Bastard said...

I'm usually not a fan of having real people represented in covers, but for some reason they've worked very well in your Dreg City ones. It's pretty much what made me try the series in the first place. Don't know what it is, but just the right combination of model, colors, lighting, setting.