Monday, August 03, 2009

A Present in the Mail

Last week, a good friend who works in a Calgary library emailed and said she'd found something on her desk. It was a cover flat for THREE DAYS TO DEAD that had been sent to her library, and did I want it?

Um, YES!

It arrived this morning, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It's hard to photograph something with a shiny finish, so the colors aren't as vivid in the photo as they are on the cover. The details of the background are amazing. I'm tempted to wrap it around another paperback just TO SEE, but I don't want to bend its loveliness.


The back has a little ad for the second book, as well as book/ordering information, marketing, and notes about already selling German rights. SQUEE!

After fighting with the internet all morning, this was a great way to get rid of the Monday blahs. Thanks so much, Marie-Anne! You are the best!


Donna said...

That's awesome of your friend to send you the cover flat and very exciting for you to see that your work being displayed and circulated.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Thanks, Donna! It's little things like this trickling in during the long wait between galley edits and release that keeps me sane.

Sort of.

Libbie Grant said...

Oh, man. That is so awesome!

alanajoli said...

How cool! And very fun that your friend thought to send it to you. (I hope her library ordered a copy first!)

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

My friend has stated her intention to make sure it's in every library in western Canada, so... *g*