Friday, January 01, 2010

The Good, the Best and the Icky - 2010 So Far

Happy Near Year, all! Can't believe it's hear already. Wow.

2010 is only twelve hours old, and so far I can't figure out if it's been a Good New Year or a Bad One.

The Good: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat Ale gives me very interesting dreams, and one of those is getting written down for future use. My kitty came downstairs at some point during the night to eat a little on her own, and then snuggled up with me for the rest of the night

The Best: Thanks to the super-cool Nicole Peeler, I discovered that Charlaine Harris read THREE DAYS TO DEAD and blogged about it! Check it out! She called it "...a fast-paced adventure that rocks along to a very tense climax." Woot!

The Icky: Anya peed in my bed. While we were both sleeping in it. So yes, I have been doing laundry all morning. I'm not sure if the peeing is behavioral, or if it's because of her medications and she just goes before she can rouse herself and get to the litter box. Either way, eww.

I'm pretty sure I posted some 2009 goals at some point last January. I'll have to rustle them up and see how I did.

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Barbara E. said...

Congrats on the great review by Charlaine Harris, that's wonderful. So glad your kitty is getting better, hope the peeing is a one time thing :o)