Friday, January 08, 2010

Site Update and Free Short

I finally went in and did a few updates on my website, including links to "The Hoarder" and "Pride Before Fall," the two short stories serialized on last fall. I added a link to AS LIE THE DEAD and updated the release date (I still had it listed as June, but it's July 27th). Hopefully I can add the cover art soon.

I also added a "missing scene" from THREE DAYS TO DEAD that hit me the other day. It's a short scene, about 1900 words, from Handler Gina Kismet's POV (y'all met her briefly at the end of THREE DAYS). The scene is (MINOR SPOILER!)set after Wyatt's capture by the Triads at Burger Palace.

You can find the scene here. Feel free to link to the story, but please do not repost the story itself anywhere else on the web.

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