Saturday, January 05, 2013

Tempest: Second Snippet

We're down to about three and a half months until TEMPEST releases from Pocket Star, and even though I still don't have a cover to show off, I want to throw out another snippet for your reading pleasure.

This is from Chapter Six. Ethan Swift and Aaron Scott have returned to Simon Hewitt's apartment from their first day visiting the Manhattan Island prison, and Ethan is reporting to Teresa via phone.



The apartment door opened and Aaron stepped inside with two small plates. Something fluffy and vaguely dessert-like was piled on each. The moment he closed the door behind him, he dropped “Scott” completely in favor of his own face. He held up one plate. I nodded, then pointed at the floor. He put a plate down next to my chair, and I got a whiff of sweetness and berries. It looked like some kind of pudding or pie or something. Aaron sank into the other chair and scooped up a big mouthful from his own plate.

            “So how’s Aaron? Behaving?” Teresa asked.

            I caught my laugh and it turned into an abbreviated snort. Speak of the devil, he’s already appeared. “So far,” I said. “The only person who questioned his disguise was Caleb.”

            Teresa laughed softly. Aaron flashed me a curious look over a mouthful of dessert, and I chose not to tell him he had whipped cream on his nose.

            “Leave it to Caleb,” she said. “How’s he?”

            “Something gives me the impression that he’ll be the leader of us all in twenty years. That kid’s too smart for his own good.”

            “Leader of all Metas?”

            “I was thinking the country.”

            “Interesting premonition. Where’d this psychic streak come from?”

            “Maybe Simon’s rubbing off on me.”

            Aaron choked on his food, and I shot him a dirty look.

            “What was that?” Teresa asked.

            “Someone who needs to learn to chew properly,” I said. 

            “Uh- huh.” Her voice changed when she asked, “Tell me the truth, Ethan?”

            “About what?”

            “How are you? After going back to Central Park?”

            A flood of emotion filled my chest and I pressed a hand over my heart, like that could stop it. Blood roared in my ears. I didn’t want to relive everything I’d felt stepping off the copter for the first time. Looking Keene in the eyes and knowing what he’d done. Finding a small piece of paradise in a ruined, rotting city.

            Aaron, the nosy bastard, had stopped eating and was staring at me like I might spontaneously combust. I waved him off, then stood. Crossed to the apartment’s barred window and looked out over a silent street. 

            “Ethan?” Teresa asked.

            “Can I get back to you on that?” I said.

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