Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Changeling: Get It While It's There

So this is an odd post to have to write, but somewhat in line with everything else that's been happening lately.  Therefore, it should surprise no one.

If you want to have a mass market paperback copy of CHANGELING for your shelf, like, ever, then you should snap it up from your local bookstore or online retailer right now. Sales are poor enough that the publisher has already decided that the book won't go back to print. So once all copies currently sitting in the Amazon and BN warehouses are gone, that's it.

Obviously, the book will remain available in ebook format, and it doesn't affect TEMPEST or CHIMERA, which were going to be ebook only, anyway.

On the plus side, only three more months until TEMPEST is unleashed!


Lisa said...

That's a bummer that sales are so low! I just ordered a copy from Amazon.

Tez Miller said...

That doesn't explain why there's a trade paperback version due for release on 16th Feb:

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Tez, that link is what got me to ask in the first place. It's for a POD version that will remain available, if folks want print down the road. It just costs more. The mass market version is going away.