Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Round-Up

I can't believe I've hit the One Month mark. One month from today, and THREE DAYS TO DEAD will finally (FINALLY!) be in the wild! *happy dance*

November promises to be an exciting month. I have a handful of interviews set up, as well as different giveaways. Not to mention the Big Seekrit Promo Thingie I was teasing about the other week. That will also include giveaways, an interview or two, and a nifty banner.

I'll be putting up the final, Countdown: October Contest soon. Since Halloween is right around the corner, it's going to have a Monster theme. So stay turned for that, as well!

I also feel the need to include a small Public Service Announcement: Don't sit in a public parking lot, in the driver's seat of your car, in broad daylight, and drink a conspicuous can of Budweiser while smoking a cigarette. Some concerned citizen may just call the cops on your ass.*

That is all.

*No, I was not the driver. I'm not that dumb. But I did witness the resulting drama.


Anonymous said...

I'll see if I can buy it as an early Xmas gift!


Abigail said...

Looking forward to it. Let me know if I can help at all. My readers are definitely waiting for this one :)

Unknown said...

One month will come up quick. Hope next few weeks is fun for you Kelly!