Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Weather Man

Now I know why people threw stuff at Nicolas Cage in that particular movie. They just never know, do they?

The forecast for my town: Clear.

What's it doing: Snow Flurries.

Um, hello?


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back from the Abyss


I am surprised and ashamed to see I haven't updated this blog in almost three months. Life got a bit hectic around Thanksgiving. Serenity and I finished co-authoring a novel in about six weeks (we missed our NaNoWriMo goal, but hey! We still finished.). Then came Christmas in Retail, and all the joys that go with it (she says with the appropriate amounts of sarcasm).

Oh well, no real excuses. But I hope to become more prolific on the blog, perhaps participate in the blog chains like I used to.

It's funny that I had forgotten about this blog until this morning. Remember the reason I first created it? To vent about being unjustly kicked off an RPG site? Well, late last night, Serenity got an IM from one of the players (completely out of the blue), asking if she had trouble getting onto the website. Obviously this player forgot that we had both been kicked out, and no longer tried to access the site (um, HELLO???). She wrote back and said so. Funny thing was, this whole thing is so far out of our minds right now that neither of us could remember exactly which player sent the PM. Didn't recognize her YIM handle.

Turns out the guy who owned and maintained their website forgot to pay for it. Sayonara.

It felt terrible to laugh over something like that. I know how painful it is to lose game posts, but I couldn't help a small sense of justice. This isn'g gloating, exactly. But that news reminded me of my poor, neglected little blog.

I've missed you, Blog. Let's be friends again.