Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Should But A Lottery Ticket

It's been that kind of day. :)


I checked my email this afternoon, and found a reply to an agent email query I just sent on Sunday evening. Expecting a rejection (hey, it was fast turnaround!), I found a request to read the entire manuscript. Woot! <---I don't know what that means, except to convey excitement.

I spent the next hour bouncing around my apartment, startling the cats, and hoping I had enough toner in my printer for the job.


My roommate, who has been actively seeking a new job, has a phone interview set up for tomorrow. She also received a call from another place with comparable pay to her current position, responding to a resume she sent them a while ago. I've got my fingers crossed for her.


My sister finally received the results from her Maryland Certification Exam. She passed, and is a licensed therapist! Yay, sis! More money for her, which is a great thing.

*happy sigh*

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

I'm glad that I've reached a point in the agent-querying process where a rejection doesn't feel like a personal slight. Maybe a year ago, but not now. It's part of the game. Maybe it's because I've had nothing but rejections so far, but eh. It is what it is.

I received my SASE back from Curtis Brown, LTD. A partial request for Warden's Trance that I mailed five weeks ago. Great turnaround time. It was a rejection, but a nice one. I didn't mind. I've only sent out five queries so far. One other rejection, two no replies, and an email request for the first twenty pages (sent!). I don't consider the two no replies as rejections yet (after a few more months, then yes).

Time to start sending out some revised queries (thanks to the wonderful folks at the Fangs, Fur and Fey hook contest, I've tweaked it a tad).

Cross your fingers for me.

Friday, May 18, 2007

"Momma took my eyebrows."

Anyone who saw last night's "Grey's Anatomy" should recognize the title of my post. Poor Cristina. No one deserves to have their eyebrows stolen on their almost-wedding day, and it gave way to one of the best lines of the show. The one best (I can't remember word for word) was delivered by Derek to Burke, about being the best man and sleeping with his wife in ten years. Dratted bad memory!

An otherwise stellar episode was, once again, ruined by yet another "I'm in love with you" declaration from Izzie. Is it me, or does her affection fluctuate by season? I mean, if we're to believe that the first fifty-odd episodes of this show cover one year, then in that amount of time, she's been in lust with Alex, in love with Denny, and now in love with George. That's pretty special. (<---please don't miss the sarcasm, it's dripping down the sides here)

Callie's request to have a baby was hilarious. I knew the wedding wouldn't happen, but I admit I was surprised that Burke called it off (for the right reasons, of course). I was just shocked that he left town like that (poor Cristina!). Alex once again deserves to be smacked for not asking Ava to stay (not that Jason London is a bad fall-back). I have adored their storyline, and hoped to see the actress stick around. She brought out Alex's human side.

Meredith needs to have her head removed from her keister. Why, oh why does that woman have to put all of her romantic hopes and dreams into the success of other people's relationships? It's annoying, and it makes her out to be queen bitch. Derek's "Let me off the hook" speech was heartbreaking, because she couldn't even respond to it. Other than to insist that she get Cristina down the aisle. As if making sure Cristina and Burke get married (two people who shouldn't be!) will somehow make everything right with the universe. *headdesk*

It's amusing that the narrator has become the least likeable character on the show (only one tier down from Izzie and her issues).

On another medical show front, I've been hit-and-miss the last two or three years with "E.R." It hasn't been the same show since Noah Wyle left, and I just can't see John Stamos as anyone but Uncle Jesse. But I've tuned in for the last handful of episodes (yay for Abby and Luka tying the knot!), mostly because I kept hearing that Goran Visjinc and Shane West wouldn't be back next year. And I love Stanley Tucci; his new character is a trip!

First, kudos for not killing anyone off. As soon as they mentioned a high alert level and Luka flying to Croatia, I had images of a fiery plane crash. So glad they didn't go that route. Abby needs some happiness. But the Literal Jaw-Drop Moment of the Year Award goes to Ray's hospital reveal. Oh. My. God. If you haven't seen it, I won't ruin it here, but wow. Did not expect that.

And is it sad that I was laughing while Neela was getting trampled by that fleeing mob? I dunno, I just don't like her right now. Maybe I have a natural inclination to dislike whichever female the hot guys are fighting over. Oh well.

How did the medical finales score?

Grey's: A- for emotional trauma
ER: B+ for shock value and Stanley Tucci

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Close But...Eh, Who Wants Cigars, Anyway?

The ballots are in and the judges have decided. The winner of the Fangs, Fur and Fey contest has been announced, and it's....

Not me. Ah well, there was stiff competition from some of the entries. Congrats to the winner. On a somewhat comforting note, I did unofficially tie with another author for second place. That's the kind of thing that makes me smile.

Onwards and upwards.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another One Down

If anyone wondered where I've been for the last three weeks, here it is: writing like a mad demon.

I never realized how intently focused I could get on a novel until I started writing the latest. Exactly seven weeks ago. And now it's finished, at 104k words. I have never written so much, so fast. I thought writing the last one (Warden's Trance) was special, but boy howdy! This one (Ace's Wild) takes the prize. It's a sequel to the story I finished in March. Now that they are both done, I can go back and rip through the first novel with my editorial hat on.

I entered the query hook for Warden's Trance in the contest run by the lovely authors at the Fangs, Fur and Fey livejournal. I was asked to send in pages, and the crit is posted here. The notes I received are fantastic. Very helpful. Definitely stop by, especially if you are a fan of paranormal and urban fantasy. It's a great blog.

I get to start paying on the new car next week. Joy of joys.

Saw Spiderman 3 on Sunday. Okay, so it wasn't the greatest movie ever, or even better than the first two (and let's face it, what third films ever are?), but it wasn't terrible. So many people are trashing it, and I just don't get it. I really don't. And I suppose I don't want to get it. I went to see a high-octane, entertaining movie. I was entertained. I laughed. I even jumped once. I got to see James Franco in his undewear. Do I really need more in a film?