Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pangaea Kickstarter

I'm a little late getting this up on the blog, but I've been promoting it on Twitter and Facebook for a while. So here you go.

A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to join a Kickstarter campaign for a shared-world science fiction anthology called Pangaea. The basic premise of this world is that the super-continent Pangaea never separated, and mankind evolved on a single, gigantic C-shaped continent. It is a vastly different world from the one we know today, and yet still somewhat the same.

And look at the names on this project, y'all: Michael Burstein. Adam-Troy Castro. Russ Colchamiro. Peter David. Michael Jan Friedman. Robert Greenberger. Glenn Hauman. Paul Kupperberg. Kelly Meding. Aaron Rosenberg. Lawrence M. Schoen. Geoffrey Thorne. Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore.

We're a bit over halfway to our goal with 15 days to go. For only $8 (the most basic pledge) you'll get an ebook version of this anthology. 14 different stories by 14 different authors, including myself. And if you're feeling really frisky, there are two opportunities for me to Tuckerize you. That means I will write you into my story by name as a minor character, and if you want, I can even kill "you" off in true Kelly Meding style.

I would really love the opportunity to write this story, so please, if you have a few bucks and want some amazing stories, please pledge!

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Why I Cancelled Appearing at Coastal Magic Con This Year

I've wanted to attend Coastal Magic Con since it's inception (and when it went by a completely different name), and I was very, very excited to receive an invitation to be a guest author for 2015. The con was well-reviewed by attendees, I would get to meet bloggers and authors I only knew from online, and who doesn't like Florida in February? I wanted to go. Badly.

And then a lot of things started to happen in 2014. Some bad things, some okay things, some things that were completely out of my control. But for the most part, the last half of 2014 kind of sucked for a variety of reasons. I held off cancelling for as long as I could, hoping something might turn in my favor, but it didn't. And while I did explain my reasons to the folks in charge, I never publicly stated why I'm cancelling. I want the folks who might have been looking forward to hanging out with me to hear it from the horse's mouth (so to speak).

A lot of different factors went into my decision not to go to CMC, but the largest consideration was finances. Someone on social media mentioned it was because Cornerstone Run didn't do well in sales, and yes, that's true. But that's only a tiny part of the financial big picture. Even if the books had sold like gangbusters, the money accrued wouldn't have landed in time to help me out. Since last summer, my living situation has been...altered. My expenses are higher while my day job income has stayed the same, and writing as Kelly Meding/Meade isn't bringing in much extra. After my expenditures for two different cons last August, I simply don't have the $1000+ to cover airfare, hotel, and food for a trip to Florida.

Another deciding factor was pretty simple: I don't have anything new to promote. I'm still taking a hiatus from writing/publishing as Kelly Meding/Meade, and the break is doing me good. I'm more centered than I used to be. I do still plan on finishing Dreg City at some point, but not today. Probably not tomorrow, either, or even next week. But at some point. I'm not finished writing paranormal stuff, I simply need to find my passion for it again.

I'll still be doing the usual stuff: Facebook, Twitter, and the occasional blog post. I'm not going away, but I might spend more time hiding in the corner than usual.

And so we're clear, this isn't a "woe is me" post. It isn't a "you didn't buy my book so I'm going to your con" kind of post. I was in tears writing to Jennifer, saying I couldn't come. This is me telling you why I can't be there this year, and that I'm so sorry for missing out.

And this is me saying I truly hope to see you guys there next year.