Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Repo Men Trailer

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. It's a fun, scary, morbid and lovely movie/musical, with awesome music numbers and an interesting lesson about beauty.

I also did a lengthy post elsewhere about a new film releasing in 2010 called REPO MEN. That REPO MEN is based on a novel by Eric Garcia, called "The Repossession Mambo," and besides the very, very basic premise (large corporation sells replacement organs for huge sums of money, and they repossess the organs when your outrageous payments are past due), the stories are wildly different.

Check it out.


I'm really excited for REPO MEN. There, I said it.

Cats are Carnivores

It's amazing how easily one can adapt to a new schedule. In my last post, I mentioned Anya and her feeding tube. Well, she needs to be fed about every 6-8 hours, which is how my brain has been dividing up my time for the last week and a half. Fortunately my shifts at work are somewhat short, so I'm able to manage the feeding schedule. First thing I do in the morning is fix her food; first thing I do when I get home and last thing at night is food. It feels a little surreal, but I don't mind.

She's getting stronger from the nutrition, and at her checkup yesterday I was told she hadn't lost any weight (yay!). They also have a diagnosis for her: inflammatory bowel disease. It can be caused by several things, but not least of which is a diet of all dry food--which she had.

Thanks to the awesome Larissa Ione, I had few research links at my disposal, and I definitely plan to shift Anya away from her all dry diet. I'd never given serious consideration to feline diet and nutrition before (always relying on my vet and/or bagged food labels to tell me things), but seeing things like "cats are carnivores" and "corn is cheap" spelled out for me really opened my eyes.

For anyone interested in the links, here they are:

I hope to post my Favorite Reads of 2009 post tomorrow at some point. I know I haven't blogged much this week, but between Anya and Christmas insanity...well, you know how it is.

Right now, Anya is staring at me. I'd better go pet her. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

Every great once in a while, awesome news comes along that helps take the edge off the bad stuff happening in life. Case in point:

The bad: We still don't know what's wrong with Anya. Her blood work came back on Sunday, and it was clean except for a slightly elevated white blood cell count. So she went back to the animal hospital yesterday for a scope procedure and biopsy of her stomach and intestines. Scope showed everything looked okay, except for what the Doc called a slight "pebbling" of her small intestines (which are normally smooth). We still have symptoms. Biopsy results should be in tomorrow or Thursday (hopefully Santa brings good, curable news).

Poor kitty also had a feeding tube inserted into her belly, since she hasn't eaten anything solid in two weeks.


The blue sock thing is to keep the tube in place and prevent it from snagging. It also shrinks her waist and accentuates the fur around her arms, so she looks like like a poodle when she stands up. But she's getting food, antibiotics, and nutrients, and so far (*fingers crossed*) she hasn't thrown anything up. (hasn't come out the back end yet, either, but we're waiting...)

Needless to stay, I didn't sleep much last night. Every time she moved, I woke up. But sleep's overrated, yes?

So what's the good?

The lovely Jackie Kessler passed along the heads-up that THREE DAYS TO DEAD is reviewed in the Feb. '10 issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine. 4.5 stars, baby!!!!

Here's what they had to say (and there is a minor spoiler in the review, so if you hate spoilers, only read the first two sentences).

Meding delivers a thrilling urban fantasy full of desperate humans and menacing evil. Especially impressive are her worldbuilding skills, which she uses to deftly paint a portrait of a city on the edge of disaster. Readers will also be impressed by her strong depiction of Evy as a survivor who realistically handles not only the shock of being reawakened, but the trauma of a past rape and the barrage of new threats from all sides. (4.5 stars)


Oh yes, the other good news--I have seen a not-final version of the cover for AS LIE THE DEAD, and it is amazing. Once again, it's exactly what I was hoping for in terms of who and what. I think I love it more than the THREE DAYS cover.

Alas, I can't share it yet. But I just couldn't resist teasing!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cheer

Anyone got some to spare?

Every time I look at a calendar, I have a hard time believing that it's December. Let alone more than halfway through December. This year has passed unbelievably fast, and I'm proud to say it's a year in which I'm pretty sure I read more books than watched movies. I wrote two books this year--neither contracted, but it was something to keep me in "writing shape" in between contract stuff. I'd hoped to write three, but a variety of stresses these last few months have made "fun" writing a little harder.

For those of you who are on Twitter, you've probably seen my kitty tweets. Vet still has no idea what's wrong with her, and naturally my kitty-mama worrying has stressed me right back into the cold I had at the end of November (which I don't think ever really went away). *reaches for tissue* This, of course, makes me not want to shop for the last of my Christmas list, or bake cookies/fudge like I do every year.

So how about spreading some holiday cheer? Jokes? Funny stories? What's something fun you did/are doing for Christmas this year?

Talk to me. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Books, books and more books!

Author copies have landed. Hallelujah! So everyone who's been waiting for a copy from me for different giveaways (and I know there are quite a few of you), thank you for your patience! Your books will be in the mail tomorrow!

I still have quite a pretty stack left over, so stay tuned for more chances to win a signed copy of THREE DAYS TO DEAD.

Oh, you want more chances right now?

Well, these aren't signed, but they are free!

Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings has a giveaway for two copies. Just pop over and tell her what you're reading right now.

Fantasy Literature has a copy for one lucky commenter. Leave a question for an upcoming interview or mention some mockable music you listen to (you know you wanna).

Copy edits for AS LIE THE DEAD are finished, and will heading back tomorrow (big errand day for me). I truly believe copy editors are unsung heroes in the book world. They are amazing at catching the little things.

I've also been contemplating my Top 10 Reads for 2009. It's going to be a tough list. I read a ton of great books this year, the vast majority by authors new to me. Tough, tough, tough...

What are y'all reading, anyway? I haven't asked in a while. I'm halfway through SKIN GAME by Ava Gray.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Free Books?

Copy edits for AS LIE THE DEAD arrived today, so I get to sit down with them this weekend. I'm excited to go through this manuscript again. I love this story, because it really challenges Evy and the things she's been taught to believe. It also introduces a fun new character whom one of my betas has dubbed "the winged hawtness." It's hard to believe it will be on shelves in just a little over seven months!

Fifteen days until Christmas. ACK! Where'd the month go???

This close to Christmas, when our spending money has been spent on others, who doesn't love getting free stuff? Especially free books? That's what I thought. :)

There are two more giveaways happening right now for free copies of THREE DAYS TO DEAD.

The first is over at That's Queen Bitch to You. I hadn't heard of this blog before, but I like her style. I will definitely be visiting again. She's giving away one copy, and the contest ends 12/10, winner posted 12/11. So head on over!

The second giveaway is at Smexy Books. Mandi is giving away two copies, courtesy of the lovely folks at Random House. Leave a comment by Friday 12/11 in order to be entered!

Also, I received an email today that just made my entire week. For the upcoming Jan/Feb '10 issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine, THREE DAYS TO DEAD is one of the books reviewed by Mr. Charles de Lint. *fannish squee!*

EDIT: Third giveaway! Goodness, you guys in the blogosphere are definitely showing me the love. *grin* Fiction Vixen has two copies of THREE DAYS TO DEAD to give away, so head over and tell her your favorite Urban Fantasy book or series. Contest open until December 20th!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Bitten By Books

The folks and followers over at Bitten by Books are talking about THREE DAYS TO DEAD today. Stop on by and tell them how you'd feel if you woke up in a strange new body. And if you've had a chance to read it, there's a few questions for you folks, too.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Weekly Round Up

Mother Nature is feeling a tad schizophrenic, I think. This past week we've had freezing temperatures, a tornado watch, torrential rain, bright sunshine and mid-sixties warmth, and now there's a small chance of snow. Oy.

Yesterday I spent a fun day Christmas shopping with my parents. We hit a local flea market first, and I found (to my delight) an omnibus edition of the 3-part Fear Street Saga. I loved Fear Street and Christopher Pike as a teen, so I'm pretty excited to sit down and reread this. I also picked up an anthology called "Werewolves," edited by Martin H. Greenberg. 22 stories featuring werewolves. I only recognized one author in the table of contents, but the stories look interesting.

After much successful shopping, we went back to my parents' house for dinner. My dad makes the best homemade spagetti sauce, and it's even better leftover. Then we watched the new Star Trek and, as predicted, both enjoyed it. My fourth viewing, and I still laugh at the funny scenes. Love this movie.

In book news, thank you to everyone who's mentioned book sightings in their area!

Anyone who still wants a chance to win a copy of THREE DAYS TO DEAD, you can check out a few different giveaways. Pop over to SciFi Guy's blog where Kelly Gay and I gave a rundown of our post-release weeks (he's giving away 3 copies of 3D2D and one copy of The Better Part of Darkness, courtesy of our publishers). Literary Escapism is still taking comments on which part of Dreg City you'd like to explore most. Both deadlines are December 8th.

Amberkatze's Book Blog had a giveaway poll for book you'd most like to win, and THREE DAYS TO DEAD was selected. Woot! So there's a copy up for grabs there, deadline Sunday (12/6).

THREE DAYS TO DEAD also made it onto two author's Favorite Reads of 2009 lists. The fabulous Jackie Kessler and Melissa Marr gave the shout-out over at the Book Smuggers this week, so thank you, ladies!

I was also fortunate to come home and find two new reviews.

Bitten by Books has a lovely review up. I was fortunate enough to meet Carol at Dragon*Con this past year, and was able to get her an ARC to review. One line in particular really made me happy, as identity (self and otherwise) is a big theme in the book.

In a story teeming with life that skillfully examines death, Meding provides food for thought on what exactly makes us who we are.

Last but not least, All Things Urban Fantasy has posted a very thorough and thoughtful review and a giveaway. She has three copies to give away, courtesy of Random House, and entry deadline is December 23rd. Stop by and tell her about a favorite Urban fantasy debut!

I think that's it for now.

Thank you, again, to everyone who's purchased and enjoyed THREE DAYS TO DEAD! Very soon I hope to post something and open up the comment section for Spoilers and book discussion. So if you have questions about the book, keep them in mind for that.

Happy reading!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Authorial Chit-Chat

As a final wrap-up to our 2K Event, Kelly Gay and I are over at SciFi Guy's blog chatting and answering questions. Doug, the awesome site owner, is also giving away copies of THREE DAYS TO DEAD and THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS, so hop on over and talk to us. Giveaway ends December 8th!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy December!

Okay, seriously? Where has 2009 gone? I can't believe the year is almost over. Truly mind-boggling.

So a week's gone by since my book release, and I have to admit: I still wake up every morning and think "Dude, I have a book out in stores." Big thank yous, by the way, to everyone who's reported a book sighting (or multiple books). And yes, I admit to checking Amazon once a day just to peek. TDTD is holding between 81 and 95 on the Contemporary Fantasy top 100, which is exciting.

I'm guest blogging today at Literary Escapism. Folks who want to know about world-building and Dreg City, make sure you stop by. We're giving away a signed copy of THREE DAYS TO DEAD.

There's also a new review up at Writings of a Wicked Book Addict, with some nice things about the book.

I've also started going over my "Read in 2009" list over on GoodReads. So far, I'm at 88. I'd hoped to read 100 books/novellas this year, but I don't know if I'll make it. Think I can read twelve more books in thirty-one days?

We'll see....