Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nothing Especially Wonderful

Nothing huge to blather on about right now, I just wanted to check in.

I hit the two week mark on my latest WIP (second in a series to the paranormal romance I finished last month), and am sitting pretty at 29,000 words. I gave myself a 10k/week word count goal and have certainly surpassed it. I predict that I'll either burn out next week, or finish this one in record time (it doesn't hurt that this is one of the coolest plots I've ever done).

Finished reading Gena Showalter's latest, The Nymph King. Loved it. Wasn't sure I would, but I did. I'll do up a review for it at a later date. Right now I'm waiting on the next two books in the Crimson City series. I am so annoyed and will never buy from this bookseller on Amazon again. I purchased both from them, hoping for a shipping combo. Nope. I choose standard shipping. Seems this yahoo uses parcel post (I paid seven freaking dollars!) because my expected arrival (for books bought 3/25) is 4/3--4/17!?!?! Excuse me, but what?

Those books had better be wrapped in silk for seven bucks and three weeks to get here.


rosemerry said...

I ordered "The Real Science behind the X-Files" from Books-A-Million this past Wednesday. It'll get here on the 22nd. They don't carry it in the store.

I don't like waiting for books either. Hasn't this person heard of media mail. Or does the buyer choose the mailing method? I've never ordered books online before.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

I've ordered from used sellers on Amazon before. Usually DVD's, rarely books. But items are usually sent first class or media mail. I get them in about a week, tops.

They still aren't here. It's been 19 days. Grrrrr....