Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ringing in 2009

I had to work early on New Year's Day, so we had belated festivities last night (and way into the morning) in the form of a movie/wine marathon. And boy did we run the gamut of the surreal. We started off with Hellraiser--classic horror film. I recalled bits and pieces, but not the entire thing, which always makes for a better viewing. Then we tempered the gore with an episode of "The Dresden Files." The one with werewolves and the super-hot scene where Harry smells Heather and she looks like she's going to rip his throat out. Mmmmm...

Then (because I'd told my roomie in the past that this movie is best viewed while drinking) we moved onto bottle number two and Dancer in the Dark. The last time I'd seen it was almost eight years ago, when it first came out. Superb movie. I bawled like a baby again. By the time it was over, it was inching toward two-thirty, but neither of us was tired. So I got out my Nightmare on Elm Street collector's boxed set, and we watched Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare in its original 3-D format (the set comes with 3-D glasses!). Let me tell you, watching that after two bottles of wine is FUNNY. Of course, the movie makes no damn sense sober, so I definitely recommend my viewing method.

After that, we started looking at photo albums (reasoning defies explanation). Then, since we were in the dining room anyway, decided to finish off the third bottle of wine while removing Christmas ornaments from our dead tree. I climbed a step-stool and didn't fall. And I think we managed to successfully remove all of them, plus every strand of lights, the garland, the topper, and the tree skirt. Sweeping was left for today.

We decided the tree was acceptably naked and wandered back into the living room, where the TV had stopped showing reruns of "Three's Company" and had moved on to infomercials for male enhancement pills and, er, vaccuums. I found the remake of The Fly on AMC, and we watched that until 5:00 am, when it was decided that we should try to get some sleep.

I haven't stayed up that late in a long time. It was fun. Surreal, but fun.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, what she said.


It was fun. I haven't stayed up 24 hours since college I think.