Friday, May 01, 2009


The humidity is here, and it's only May 1st. Ick. Not to mention the high pollen alerts. Every morning, my poor car is dusted yellow. Double ick.

I have fun news! Thanks to the awesomeness that is Kat Richardson, I have a room for DragonCon! I am thrilled to be able to attend this year. Working in retail for so many years, I've never been in a position to ask off on Labor Day weekend (traditionally a busy weekend for shoppers). Now that I'm a lesser peon, I asked my manager about getting the time and he said no problem!

DragonCon! Have you seen the guest list? Authors, actors, and entertainers, OH MY!

Now comes the big decision: fly or road trip it to Atlanta. Road trips are less fun alone, I admit, but I have so much fun thinking and plotting while I drive. Plus I've flown in one plane in my life and it freaked me out. Hmm...


In other news, my cover is starting to pop up on Amazon and other sites. Woot!


Bill Barnett said...

That's awesome, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

One of these days I'll get to DragonCon, hopefully as a featured guest!