Monday, July 13, 2009

Shore Leave Recap

Home again.

Shore Leave 31 was a blast, as always. I arrived fairly early on Friday, so I was able to lounge by the pool and read for a bit. Over the weekend, I finished reading one book and started another, so yay! Spent a lot of time Saturday bouncing around to different writing-specific panels. For the last few years, I've been attending a Screen (and Other) Writing Workshop lead by tie-in and comics author Howard Weinstein, and it was really cool to speak with him afterward. Mostly to say thanks for the advice over the years and tell him about my book. It's awesome to be able to tell someone that their workshop has affected you in a meaningful way. So thank you, again, Howie!

And having my niece Jade around was cool. She was a big hit with people. She's such a happy baby. And having a stroller helps get you through the autograph line quicker. Hehe. She was quite taken with actor Ethan Phillips (Star Trek: Voyager).


Saturday night they turn the ballroom into a kind of techno dance club called Ten-Forward, and there's a cash bar. I spent the night dancing with a Klingon. Yes. I did. It was a lot of fun (*waves at To's*), if somewhat exhausting.

If you're a SF fan, and you ever get a chance to see Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips speak together, DO IT. They are hysterical, and their comic timing is genius.

Over the weekend, I also finished writing another book. I think I've teased this WIP a bit, but I'll do a longer post on it later in the week. More the process than the contents.

How else had a good weekend? Bueller?

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alanajoli said...

Holy cow, you managed to find time to write while at a convention? You must have superpowers! *eagerly awaits more hints on the new book*