Sunday, October 18, 2009

Song Specific 2

In my ongoing quest to compile a soundtrack for THREE DAYS TO DEAD, I've been listening to lots of music. Especially from artists with which I'm unfamiliar. So I was quite happy to stumble across Remy Zero and realize they did the cool song used in the "Smallville" credits.

After listening to some of their albums, I found a song that, to me, really encompasses another of the book's supporting characters: Alex Forrester. Alex is the roommate and best friend of the dead woman my heroine, Evy, is resurrected into. He's completely unaware of the Triads, Dregs, or that anything untoward is happening in the city after dark. He's also my favorite character, because he's a Nice Guy. Loyal, generous, and a good friend.

So just as Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins) worked perfectly for hero Wyatt Truman, here's Perfect Memory (Remy Zero):

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