Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

Three snow storms in ten days. I can't remember the last time we've had this much snow on Delmarva, much less two blizzards in less than a week. Down here in southern Maryland, we were at the bottom of the storm and fared better than my family an hour north in Delaware. But we still got more than I was expecting. Work was canceled three times this week. Schools have been closed all week, and will likely remain closed tomorrow, as well.

It's kind of crazy.

I've been taking lots of photos, though, and wanted to share a few from this past Saturday's storm (2/6/10).

The first is the back deck. I drew a line to show the usual height of the deck from the ground, so you can see just how much snow we got and how it drifted around the deck itself. The snow actually drifted our back door shut; a kind neighbor came by to dig us out.


Here's the side of the house and the alley/street, with more lovely drifts.


The front of the house, all snowed in. And yes, there is still three feet of snow/ice between the street and the mail box. I dug it out after the snowstorm on 1/30, but didn't get to it this time. Oops.


Our cars: before the digging began.


Our cars: after the digging. Note the five foot pile of snow produced by said digging.


This is the roof of a glass blowing shop just down the street from us. Some of the icicles hanging from it are four and a half feet long. No joke.



Melissa (My words and pages) said...

It has been crazy with this weather. We got the two feet on Sat. 6th. Then got more snow Mon-Tue. With now where to put 6 more inches of snow. Now, I hear we are to get more this Sun. coming.

Just crazy I say!

Zonk said...

What is this 'snow' stuff anyway???

It's cold here too, 64 degrees last night, my teeth are still chattering.

Must be all this global warming...