Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Reading, Reviewing, and Ranting (just a little)

So people who aren't me, my agent, or my editor are reading AS LIE THE DEAD and liking it. Larissa's Bookish Life has a lovely ARC review posted here.

A favorite quote:

If you haven't checked out Kelly Meding’s Dreg City series yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. There are so many Urban Fantasy novels and series out there, it’s great to read something that at the same time is faithful to the classics and brings something fresh to the table.

AS LIE THE DEAD was also reviewed in the August '10 issue of "Romantic Times Book Reviews," and received a 4-star rating!

The reviewer had some super-cool things to say:

Solving her own murder was just the warm-up for newly resurrected dreg hunter Evy Stone. Rising star Meding returns to the ominous world and gutsy heroine first introduced in her exceptional debut. Menace oozes from the pages, as Meding places her heroine in the middle of a maze where deceit and betrayal run rampant. Evy is an unforgettable heroine and Meding an author to watch!


It certainly balances out the craziness that was this past weekend. I supposedly had an apartment all lined up, move-in ready on July 31. I even put a $100 GOOD FAITH deposit down on the apartment on June 25. The leasing agent called me July 3 and said the current tenants were no longer vacating, so the apartment was no longer available. So sorry, and by the way, we only have two other empty units for $200 more a month than what we promised you.


Alas, I'm a non-confrontation person, so I didn't give this guy hell on the phone. I hung up and cried (yes, I'm that person). I got really, really mad. It pretty much ruined my weekend.

I'm better now that I'm distanced from it. I'm looking at a place tomorrow, and I have a good feeling about it. I'll still be writing some very angry letters to this other management company, but overall, I'm over it. Stay tuned...


Jackie said...

Kelly yay on the wonderful reviews and ick on the apartment! Fate stepped in and the place you are looking at now Is THE ONE! Good luck 2nd time around!

jackie b central texas

Jen said...

Hi Kelly!

I'll be at B&N on the 27th to get my copy of As Lie the Dead bright and early! Good luck tomorrow :)


Mardel said...

See, now I would be wondering about the previous apartment - was it really for rent? why are the other apartments $200 more, etc. But then I'm kind of suspicious like that - besides growing up in the 70's and being a mom in the
80's & 90's (really, I'm still a mom, just not a young mom anymore) when dealing with shady apartment managers and stores was more common.

Good luck on the apartment search - hopeful that you will get a better apartment. It's hard looking for places to rent.

And on other subjects - great review. I really loved reading your first book and I'm glad the second is coming out very soon.

kylie said...

Those are wonderful reviews for Evy's next. Can't wait.

As for the apartment, I'm sure you'll find another that's better than the first. Apt hunting is stressful (I know!) but you'll laugh at this a couple months down the line - in your fab new place with a glass of wine in hand!

Tyhitia Green said...

Hope everything went well today with the viewing, Kelly. :-D

Did you get the $100 back? He would have gotten a tongue lashing if I couldn't get my money back. LOL.

Erinlucks said...

Whoop di whoop! Sorry about the apartment stuff. Found you through the league of reluctant adukts webiste - all the authors ther are AMAZING! Got an order in for ur first book, but it may take a while to come as I am in South Africa.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Welcome, erinlucks! Glad you found me and the rest of the Reluctant Adults!

DH - I haven't seen the money back yet, but they'll be getting a call from me on Monday...grrr....