Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Peeking Out of the Cave

The last two weeks have just flown by, and I truly cannot believe it's already August 11th. What's happening to my summer????

I'm all moved into the new apartment. There were only three casualties on moving day - two glass tumblers and the carafe of my big coffee pot (the little one survived). The apartment is just as spacious as I remember, and except for a few minor tweaks here and there, all decorated. Kitteh is settling in, as well. We're settling into a routine, and the new place is starting to feel like home.

So here's the laundry list of stuff to catch y'all up on....

BOOK SIGNINGS - I have two events coming up.

Saturday, August 14th, 1-3 pm
Camp Hill, PA

Saturday, September 11th, 4-7pm
Barnes & Noble, Christiana Mall
Newark, DE

Following that is the sad news that I'm no longer able to attend Dragon*Con this year. Something came up, and it was a hard decision to make, but it had to be made. However, I have every intention of being there next year (and some other cons/events, as well).

I'm thrilled to say that AS LIE THE DEAD is an August Pick for the Barnes & Noble Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Book Club. It's easy to become a member and join in the discussion.

Reviews for AS LIE THE DEAD have been popping up on various sites and blogs.

The wonderful Carol, at Bitten By Books, had some lovely things to say. On Evy's emotional journey:

Evy’s struggle to accept and embrace the melding of her former identity with that of Chalice’s memories, emotions, and physical reality results in confusion and pain, but she never doubts that her purpose remains the same – to fight to protect the innocent and those unable to defend themselves.

ALTD also received 4.25/5 stars at Nite Owl Reviews. Among the lovely comments was this gem that just made me squee for joy:

But it did bring Phineas to the forefront so, there you go. If there was going to be teams, I would so be Team Phineas!


We'll see what happens, shall we?

Now it's time to go back to my cave. I have Dreg City 3 edits due back in two weeks, plus Dreg City 4 due to my editor by October 1 (and hoo-boy, is this one going places I didn't expect...).


June Kramin said...

My copy finally came yesterday! I just have to fight my daughter for 1st dibs! Have fun at the signings! I'll bring mine along for you to sign when I see you *hopefully* at the end of the year!

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Yay, it came!

Does that mean you'll be out this way at the end of the year???

Leslee said...

SO glad you liked my review at Night Owl. I got to see Kelly Gay at RWA in Orlando so hopefully at some point we will be at the same event someday! Best wishes!!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Glad to hear you are settled in. And sorry to hear of the casulties. :(

I am currently working on the book now. :) It was a great book to start this weekend with all the running we have been doing. (school clothes shopping for the kids today) So I was able to read while they where trying on clothes. Now I don't want to stop. But, I will do my visits to B&N as I go along here.

Hope you had a great signing in Camp Hill, and the next one goes great too. :)

alanajoli said...

Congrats on your move going so well -- three casualties isn't bad. And yay good reviews!