Monday, October 04, 2010

It Gets Better

Who let October in? Seriously, who's the blame? I had to turn the heat on last night, and I've begun the process of swapping winter clothes for summer clothes. *sigh*

You guys remember my post about the horror flick THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE? Well, I have to say, the French film MARTYRS? Way worse on the "what kind of fucked up things can one human being do to another?" level. *shudders*

Chapter Three of A GLIMPSE OF DARKESS, by Lucy A. Snyder is now live on Suvudu! Go vote! I'm up next, so this is your chance to tell me what to write about. And the two choices are awesome. I think I'll have a lot of fun, no matter which way it ends up going.



Recently in the news, there have been several different stories about teenagers committing suicide. Yes, teenagers. Committing suicide. Why? They were being bullied because they were (or were assumed to be) gay. It's heartbreaking.

Katiebabs, over at Babbling About Books, and More, has an amazing post on the subject. She has made a pledge to donate $500 to The Trevor Project and The Matthew Shepard Foundation, so please help spread the word. Stop by and comment.

Her post also directed me to a movement called It Gets Better. Started by columnist Dan Savage, he has this to say:

I've launched a channel on YouTube—www ­—to host these videos. My normally camera-shy husband and I already posted one. We both went to Christian schools and we were both bullied—he had it a lot worse than I did—and we are living proof that it gets better. We don't dwell too much on the past. Instead, we talk mostly about all the meaningful things in our lives now—our families, our friends (gay and straight), the places we've gone and things we've experienced—that we would've missed out on if we'd killed ourselves then.

My heart breaks every time I hear about another child killing him or herself because of being bullied. It isn't just gay kids, either. Our children are being bullied for a lot of reasons--their weight, their looks, their religion, their sexual orientation. This should not be happening.

Don't turn your back on bullying. Ignoring is tantamount to participating.

And please spread the word that IT GETS BETTER.


Wolfy said...

When will this Anthology be released? Thanks

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Hi Wolfy - You can read along with each chapter as it's posted. However, it will be released as an e-book at some point late this fall, once the story is complete.

Mardel said...

Hi Kelly - I haven't commented in a long time,but I had to come out of the shadows just long enough to tell you that we're still having warm weather over here. In fact, last week we had a heat wave (104 + degrees). This week we've cooled down to the 70's, but it's going to warm up again....Not trying to brag of anything...:)

Bullying - I work in a school, and we see a lot of this type of thing going on. It's horrible. We're always calling students on this behaviour, but unfortunately I think a lot of these kids that bully are exhibiting learned behaviour. When you hear some of the parents talking to their own kids it becomes crystal clear at times.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Hey Mardel! It's good to hear from you, and I'm jealous of your warm weather.

I agree that bullying is a learned behavior. I mean, kids are born hateful or angry. And good on you for doing what you can in you're school; thank you for that. :)

dave p said...

Good luck with writing the next chapter for "A Glimpse of Darkness"! It's been interesting read so far. And I look forward to your chapter next.