Monday, April 25, 2011

Audio Books Are Coming!

I mentioned this on Twitter a week or so ago, but now that contracts are winging their way to the appropriate parties, I'll officially announce it.

We've sold audio adaptation rights for the first three Dreg City books (Three Days to Dead, As Lie the Dead, Another Kind of Dead) to Tantor Audio! The books will be narrated by Xe Sands, and the first, Three Days to Dead, will be available May 30th. Yep, in just over a month! How awesome is that? As Lie the Dead will follow on 6/20 and Another Kind of Dead on 7/26 (same day as the paperback release!).

I'm really excited to hear Evy's world come alive, and I'll definitely be doing some giveaways once I have a few copies in my hands.

For now...



Josin L. McQuein said...


Phil Giunta said...

Excellent, Kelly!

Funny, I never really bothered with audio books very often...until I recorded the audio version of my book and now I listen to more of them and cannot wait to record my next.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Thanks, Josin!

Phil - I tried listening to one once, because it was narrated by actor David Morse (who I love). But my mind tends to wander too much and I miss parts of the narrative. I know some folks who love them, though!

June Kramin said...

Awesome, Kelly!
I had a friend over this weekend that thanked me for telling her to read your books. She equally hates me - she hates waiting for the next ones! :D

Phil Giunta said...

Kelly, I'm linking to this from my blog as part of my weekly series of articles about writing and publishing.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

June - Yay! I love it when you tell me stuff like that. :)

Phil - Thanks so much for the link!