Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Release Day!!!!

It's finally here! ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD (Dreg City #3) is in the wild!


All formats are available today: print, audio, Nook, Kindle, and other electronic formats, so pick your poison.


My friend and fellow writer Phil Giunta has a new interview with my posted on his blog, in which I ramble about inspiration and other things.

And Another Kind of Dead has been chosen as one of the AUGUST FEATURES on the Barnes & Noble Book Club SF/F Forums, so check out the discussion thread there!


June Kramin said...

Squee!!! Off to spread the news!

Phil Giunta said...

Excellent! Happy to help you promote. Success and hugs!

alanajoli said...

Gah! I fell behind and missed your release day! Congratulations!