Friday, January 13, 2012

RIP: One Life to Live

I've never been a dedicated soap watcher, but I've jumped into different shows from time to time, and I've posted on the subject a few times. I don't have a lot to say today, except that in the evolving landscape of daytime television, it's sad to see the soap opera format dying out. Anytime scripted drama is squeezed out in favor of talk shows, reality shows, or lifestyle shows, it makes me angry. And a little sad.

I wish the cast and crew of "One Life to Live" future successes, and I thank them for 43 years of dedicated television drama.


1968 -- 2012


Paris said...

Today is actually a very sad day for me. I grew up on One Life to Live and have been watching it off and on for the last 32 years (even watched as a baby since my mom did). I am not too proud to admit that I've actually shed tears this week while watching and that tonight when I watch the last episode I will likely shed a few more.

I think it's sad that these great reminders of our lives are being replaced by these lifestyle shows and talk shows. I don't need more advice and more people telling me that my life isn't perfect, what I need is entertainment and a place to escape for an hour or two a day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paris! you couldn't have said it any better!! R.I.P. OLTL- you will be sorely missed.