Monday, February 13, 2012

Reread in 2012

I've been having a bit of a reading crisis this year. In 2011 I read a crap-ton of books--over one hundred. This year, I've read one and a half. Yeah, forty-three days into the new year and I've read one and a half books. Half might not even be accurate; I think I put it down at about a third.

I can put part of the blame on the weather. Winter depresses me, and I don't want to do anything except plop on the couch and be a potato. Cracking open a book feels like too much work; television viewing requires a lot less brain power than reading. Another part of the blame can go to the overwhelming tower that is my To Be Read pile. And it doesn't help that more great books are coming out ALL THE TIME. I can't make any real progress, and I can't seem to choose between them, so I let that intimidate me into just not reading anything.

Yes, bad Kelly.

The other day, I skimmed a review of a book I'd read and loved, and it made me want to read that book again. So I picked up my Nook with the intention of just glancing through a few good scenes, and two hours later I'd reread a good quarter of the book. Oops.

It made me think about the books I've loved and would like to read again. There's something wonderfully comforting about rereading a book--revisiting those characters, reliving their adventures and love and losses. Because of my To Be Read pile, rereads always seemed out of the question. I had too many new books to read, so I couldn't waste time reading something again.

Why, though? Why not? Books gave me a love of reading from a very early age. Certain books made me want to be a writer, so why not go back to those wonderful memories and read a few books again?

So I have decided something: I'm going to allow myself to reread some favorites this year. First I'll finish the two books I have in progress (one new read, one reread). Then I'll reread a few books I love and haven't read in a while, starting with this one:


What books have you read more than once? Are there any books you reread on a regular basis? Anything you want to reread, but don't have the time?


Melissa nance said...

You know I'm a chronic re-reader. I love David Edding's series: The Belgariad and the Mallorean (5 books each). I've re-read LoTR and The Hobbit a few times. I've re-read your books. :-p I have my favorite Star Trek novel that I've read a few times as well.

nerinedorman said...

I keep rereading Poppy Z Brite's Lost Souls. I can't get enough of the beautiful descriptions.

Zonk said...

I read the series at least once a year, have done for the last 20 years or so...

O and btw, Hi!


Marion aka Brit said...

I'm with LOTR too. Jim Butcher's Dresden series and Codex Alera are always worth another read.

Just bought the latest Dreg City on my Kindle. What a great invention. Gonna reread the first two then go for number three.