Thursday, February 14, 2013

Candy Hearts

I admit it, boxes of candy conversation hearts were a big part of my childhood. Granted, I won't eat them anymore because they're way too sweet, but I used to love them.  This  morning I stumbled upon a little website that allows you to create your own conversation hearts, so of course I had to play.  I started thinking what would some of my characters give each other, and these are the results.

From Evy to Wyatt:

Naturally, Wyatt would respond with:


I couldn't leave out the couples from MetaWars. 

Between Teresa and Gage, you can make a guess as to who gave this to who:

From CHANGELING, Noah to Dahlia:

And from the upcoming TEMPEST, well....not telling who this is for....yet.....

What would you put on a candy heart for a fictional character?

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For Trance: I'll Follow You Anywhere