Friday, June 28, 2013

Dreg City 5 News: I Can Haz Title

Okay, peeps, I know I've been talking about digitally self-publishing Dreg City 5 for a while now. The good news is, THIS IS STILL HAPPENING.  The bad news is...well, there really isn't bad news, since THIS IS STILL HAPPENING.

I am in the midst of edits. After that, I'll do that whole formatting thing. I am in the process of commissioning cover art. Steps are being taken in order to have this book for sale by....

The end of August/early September.

This year has totally been getting away from me, and I've been dealing with some personal stuff that's stolen a lot of my attention. I'd hoped to have this book ready for June, but that's obviously not happening. And even if I did get the book formatted and ready to go in three weeks, that's barely any time for reviewers to get their advanced copies and actually, you know, review the book close to release.

So I'm looking at late August.  Really, it's only two months. And it gives you plenty of time to reread the other books, because you may need the refresher.

Also? If you missed the short, Tybalt-centric story I posted on way back when THREE DAYS TO DEAD first released, you should check it out.  The major story in Book 5 is tied to the events in this story.  Is it absolutely necessary that you read it first?  No. Will it give you extra insight into Tybalt, Marcus, Astrid, the Pride, and a bad guy named Prentiss?  Absolutely.


Marcus commands you!

Okay, last bit of news for you awesome folks who've read this far: Book Five has a title!

Dreg City 5 is now officially REQUIEM FOR THE DEAD.

I'll have a blurb soon!


Anonymous said...

If this available for e-book only, or can I get a copy in paperback?

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

For now, it will be available only as an ebook. I may look into formatting requirements for someplace like in the future, but as this is my first self-pub rodeo, I don't want to make myself too crazy out of the gate. :)

A.Meyers said...

I would totally buy the book! FYI - you are the reason I need to get an e-reader :) Meta Wars. Dreg City my favorite tho!

Julie said...

GREAT title!

Erin McD said...

How does one become an advanced reader?

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Erin, I'll be offering Advanced Reading Copies to bloggers/reviewers who have reviewed my work in the past.

Anyone who's interested can email me at mail(at) and put in a request.

Greytfriend said...

Kelly, I'd like to add Tybalt's story to Goodreads so more people will find it before the next book comes out. Where would you put it in the order? Is it 4.5? Or is it earlier? I can't quite remember what was happening at the end with the politics, I need to so a re-read.

As for print vs. ebooks, I'll buy either, but if you can get them in print at Amazon and B&N I can get my library to buy them. The trick is getting libraries to be aware of them when they aren't coming from traditional sources. I've been working on mine to get Allyson James' new book in a successful series, for example, same thing to what you're doing. Could open some door for you when you're ready. Because although I'm planning to splurge to buy this book, most of the time I can't do it, I just have to stick to what I can get through the library. Though come to think of it, if you sell the ebook through Amazon and B&N maybe they could buy that too, without the paper, don't know why not. We'll see.

Sorry that got so long. Please let me know about the story order. Thanks and thanks for all of the hard work you do.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Greytfriend - Tybalt's story takes place about a week before THREE DAYS TO DEAD, so I suppose it's Dreg City .75 (since The Hoarder has been designated .5).

Re: libraries. A lot of libraries are expanding their digital selections, so hopefully libraries that already have my other books will stock these, as well. :)

Sin Dee Anna said...

Woooo I am really excited! I was really upset when I read that the series was not going to be published any longer.