Thursday, July 07, 2016

Cover Reveal: Oracle

One of these days I will figure out this whole self-publishing thing so I can manage an actual cover reveal/promotion with more than ten days before the publication date. But because of reasons, here's the cover for ORACLE: The Project Files Part 1. 

I really do love this. Robin Ludwig Designs did a great job, and I couldn't be happier.

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Dr. Dean Frey is a man of science. His lifelong desire to create a better future for mankind has led him to the prestigious, and highly mysterious, Wilderness Institute of Scientific Research & Technology, as the head of their Robotics Engineering department. Building on the research and designs of others before him, Dean’s own genius culminates in the successful creation of Anthony—the first fully-automated, free-thinking android prototype. And now Wilderness wants to sell Anthony to the military.

Unwilling to allow his achievement to become weaponized, Dean reaches out to a former Wilderness employee with the resources to help him steal Anthony and relocate them both to safety. He’s put into contact with the very secretive Nick and Olivia, who ask for one simple thing in return: trust us, no matter what you see or hear. Blind trust isn’t in Dean’s cautious nature, but he has no other choice.

For telekinetic Olivia, rescuing a fellow Psion from a life of imprisonment and experimentation is one of her favorite things. Being paid is nice, but she’ll do the job for free, if it means giving Wilderness the finger. When Olivia’s reclusive mentor solicits her and her telepathic partner Nick’s help in smuggling a very special Project out of Wilderness, they jump at the chance to infiltrate their former home and do some internal damage to the institute that created them.

With their combined knowledge of the facility, breaking Anthony out of Wilderness should have been easy—but Olivia learned a long time ago to never underestimate her enemies, or the lengths they’ll go to retrieve what’s theirs. And this time, the price for stealing the Project may be more than she’s willing to pay.


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Tez Miller said...

This may be a stupid question, but why does it say "Part 1" instead of "Book 1"? "Part 1" makes it sound like a serial, which is weird, because I thought there'd be two full-length novels. So I'm a bit confused.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Part one of two. Book one of two. I'd originally planned to release it as a six part serial, but then chose not to go that route, and I just kept using "part." But to me, using "book" makes it sound like an ongoing series, instead of a duology.