Monday, February 27, 2006

Two Boxes

I am back from vacation . I wish I'd gone on some amazing adventure, or even someplace I'd never been. Alas, financial restrictions kept me home half the time, and visiting the Parental Units for the other half.

The visit to the PU's house in Delaware proved to have many lasting benefits, though, so don't ever knock a few trips down memory lane. I saw an uncle that I hadn't seen in years (and if ever there was an Alan Alda lookalike out there, it's him). My grandfather told some stories about his childhood that I hadn't heard before, and had us both laughing so hard we cried.

I also found two very important boxes hiding in the old back bedroom. The first box contained Christmas ornaments and decorations that have been missing for the last three years. I had given up hope of ever locating that box, and I'm overjoyed to have it in my possession again. The second box contained about thirty paperback novels, most of them books that I adored in my childhood and preteen years. I gazed at their covers fondly, remembered reading most of them at least five times each, and longed for those magical days when a slim, hundred-page book was all of the adventure that I needed.

I'll comment on some of the specific books later. Not tonight. It's after 1am, and I have to work tomorrow.

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