Friday, March 17, 2006

Shamrocks and Bones

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't have any specific plans for this evening. We have rented Walk the Line and Rent, and dinner is baking away. There is wine in the fridge.

I got off a little early today, because we were supposed to have people over for a small party. They all bailed . So I sat down to watch the episode of Bones that aired two nights ago.

I don't know why, but the idea that Bones knows about internet chat rooms and dating sites just tickles me. I never thought I'd see her instant messaging a perfect stranger, and then setting up a dinner date. Her reasoning for the anthropological aspects of the 'Net are pretty cool, but I think she is justifying herself. Booth is naturally jealous the minute she tells him.

So the Squint Squad gets two bodies this week. The first is a former mob victim, wearing cement shoes. Or at least his severed feet were. The second is a female torn to shreds and eaten by dogs. Booth brings in another FBI agent to consult on the mob victim, played by Adam Baldwin! I was surprised to see him, since I didn't spot his familiar mug in the previews last week. Although the fact that he showed up, muttered a few lines, and took some pictures (before disappearing for the next 20 minutes) just screamed, "HE DID IT!"

Bones goes to meet her dinner date and ends up dodging bullets. Needless to say, this raises Booth's hackles, and he adheres himself to her hip. He also interrogates her potential date, David, in a scene that screams, "He likes you, Tempe, are you blind?" Meanwhile, Bones was smitten.

The second victim follows the pattern of a guy that Booth rousted a few years ago, so he and Bones to harass him a little. Turns out the guy has a thing for keys. Interesting.

Booth follows Bones home and insists on staying at her place. No TV, so Booth checks out her music collection. Turns out Bones enjoys listening to Foreigner, and Booth plays a mean air guitar. I laughed out loud watching Booth and Bones dance around in her living room to "Hot Blooded." The date calls, which effectively kills the mood. Booth goes into the kitchen for a soda.
I got my "Gasp Out Loud" moment for the week (since I didn't get it for 24 on Monday) when the refrigerator exploded. Poor Booth! I mean, ouch. Suitably adorable hospital scene afterward. Booth loves his pudding. And now Adam Baldwin gets to play babysitter to Bones.

Back at the lab, the Squint Squad is working hard to determine what made scrape marks in the second victim's eye socket, and match bullets to the first victim. Zack figures out which key from the Bad Guy From the Past's key collection dug out the eyeball. Bones and Jayne, er, Adam Baldwin's Agent head over to BGFtheP's house and find too much convenient evidence that the guy killed victim two.

I hate it when I can call the bad guy the minute he steps on screen. AB tries to kill Bones. She kicks his ass pretty well with her hands cuffed behind her back, but he pulls a foul and clocks her with his gun. Booth busts out of the hospital, with a little help from Hodges, and the FBI mounts a rescue (and I think it's hilarious that Hodges drives a Mini Cooper with the Euro-side steering wheel). Nice move by Booth, shooting AB in the arm, rather than actually killing him. Although I would have liked to see another Angel/Hamilton-style smack down. Oh well, the Bones/Booth hug there made it all worth it.

So AB's been working for the mob this entire time. He staged the second murder to try and throw the FBI off the track, so he could take out Bones. Nice try, but you lose.

And way to go Bones, rescheduling her dinner date to watch an old movie with Booth. Those two so deserve each other. And I mean that in a good way.


Angela: You actually have a knight in shining standard issue FBI body armor.

Booth: And Hodges is playing with dog poop. Everybody's got something to do.

Bones: Yes, Booth, I was there. They were very thorough, and I was very annoying. I'm sorry. It should be me lying in that bed.
Booth: I'm fine. I don't even know why I have to stay here.
Bones: You got blown up.
Booth: I've been worse.

I love that almost every week, this show gives me a new group to check out. They used Depeche Mode's "A Pain That I'm Used To" over the rescue sequence. Time to check out the entire album.

Another solid ep. And no major character fatalities, so right now I like it better than 24.


ohdawno said...

I'm a huge Bones fan - I hope it survives.

Sorry I haven't posted here lately (I think I was here a while back...) I'm trying to make the rounds of all the AW bloggers - there are so many of us!!

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Hi Dawno! I have to admit that I missed my weekly David Boreanaz fix when "Angel" went off the air. I'm just glad he got a great show.

Now we just need Alexis Denisof and Charisma Carpenter to guest star...