Monday, June 16, 2008

Random Elements

So what do Dan Futterman, the TV show "Oz," my elementary school cafeteria, and a floral-scented reed diffuser have in common? Not much. Unless they are all elements of one of my dreams. A really interesting, three-part dream, probably stemming from watching five hours of "Oz" yesterday.

The remarkable thing is I was able to take bits of those dreams and discover some backstory for one of my books. I haven't written a lot of Evy Stone's backstory (the star of the book currently with my agent), but now I have a connection to a present-day character I never would have considered if not for the dream.

I love it when stuff like this comes together.

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China said...

I was browsing the net looking up what dreaming about reed diffusers meant and found your site. How funny. I dreamed that I got a reed diffuser as a gift and that it smelled like Bacon. Seriously. So the dream goes on and later in the dream someone rings the doorbell and leavea a reed diffuser on my porch. No note or anything. This one smelled good but I have no idea what scent it was. Finally in the dream I went to work and on my desk was- yep you guessed it- a reed diffuser ! This one smelled like lilacs and smelled great. My boss comes up to my desk and asks me if I work for a diffuser company ? I looked at him in disbelief and said Jack- I work here silly !

I still have found really no clues about what dreaming about reed diffusers could mean ? (I think my house stinks maybe ?)haha