Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Like a Class Reunion

Only not.

So I've said a few times that I'm trying to tune in and watch the final season of "E.R." Tonight's episode was touted as featuring Anthony Edwards, in a return as Dr. Greene. Naturally, I zoomed home from work to watch it (come on, who didn't think the beating heart of that show died when they killed off Mark Greene?).

The ep started with an intro from former castmate Eriq laSalle, extending condolences on the loss of show co-creator Michael Crichton. *sniffle* Then not only did we get a good twenty minutes of Dr. Green scenes set during the tumultous diagnosis of his brain tumor, we were also treated to cameo appearances from (SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET) Laura Innes (Kerry Weaver), Abraham Benrubi (Jerry), and Paul McCrane (Robert Romano).

As a diehard Romano fan, I was especially fond that that little exchange. Romano yelling at Greene for holding up his chemo, saying "No one told you to go and get cancer." Romano storming off, then pausing. Realizing. I just sort of smiled.

As far as November sweeps go, it wasn't a huge episode. But it was worth watching.

Now I'm all nostalgic for first season episodes. "Love's Labour Lost" anyone? Best. Episode. Evah.


Anonymous said...

OMG -- I LOVED the LLL episode. It was the first time Bradley Whitford really registered on my radar (then of course he went on to The West Wing).

I only saw a few minutes of ER last week (but I cheered when Romano (with both of his hands!) showed up. I heard Elizabeth Corday referenced, but she was a no show?

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Elizabeth was mentioned several times, and Greene "spoke to her" on the phone, but she didn't make an appearance.

Re: BW and LLL. When I first started watching TWW, I knew that Josh was familiar, but couldn't place him. Then about six months later, TNT reran the LLL episode, and I went, "THAT'S HIM!"

Anonymous said...

Too bad they couldn't get Elizabeth back too. Thanks for the update tho!