Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dark Fantasy on Display

I popped into my local Barnes & Noble today, for no real reason. Okay, I lie. I always go in there with the intention to browse, and almost always come out with a bag of books. It's sad, really, but I'm doing my part to stimulate my favorite industry. That's a good excuse, right?

Anyway, near the Information Desk, B&N had set up a center table with signs that said "Dark Fantasy Picks." Intrigued, I wandered over. To my sheer delight, it was packed with urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors. Many of the books were new releases, some where a little older. I saw favorite authors, authors on my "must try" list, and a few I'd never heard of. I was even tempted to rush over to the stacks and pull a few faves that weren't on the table.

I guess someone there noticed the paranormal genre has really picked up in recent months.

Seriously, though, no more buying until I read more.

Or until another favorite author has a new release (like Gena Showalter's The Vampire's Bride, which just released, WOOHOO!). I know, I know. I'm weak.



Bill Barnett said...

In this part of the country, Kelly, we have mostly Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, and I've noticed an increase in “dark fantasy” displays with both these chains lately.

It’s awesome!

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

I think with romance still showing good sales numbers, and with the huge crossover of paranormal romance and paranormal/UF fiction readers, it's a good way for bookstores to capitalize on their readership.

These genres deserve the attention. *g*