Saturday, February 28, 2009


I continued to be amazed and impressed by the level of detail that goes into a book's production. Two emails have come from production with questions about certain lines in TDTD, most of them issues of logic. Making sure that yes, it's what I intended it to say, or that the meaning is clear. It's funny how much using "until" instead of "at" will completely change the meaning of a sentence. The production peeps overseeing my book are awesome in their thoroughness.

Yesterday was officially eight months until release! Yes, I will be counting down, why do you ask?

I need to finish one more new scene and do a final pass-over on AS LIE THE DEAD, before I turn it in to my editor. Should have that finished by the first of next week. I'm really excited about this book, even more than TDTD. It has two fun new characters who both challenge Evy in very different ways, and it gave me a chance to really dig into some of the minor supporting characters from TDTD. Plus the usual ass-kicking and mystery-solving, with a dash of "how do I cope with this new life in someone else's body?" angst for Evy.

I've also had my head buried in rewriting another project for agent presentation. I think I finally figured out what previous drafts were missing. Cross your fingers for me. *g*

And for additional fun, tonight I'm going back to high school! My old high school is doing a revival of Grease!, which they did in 1992. I'm attending with my sister (we were both Thespians, mostly stage crew stuff), while my parents babysit little Jade. I know some of my former teachers will be there, so it should be interesting. I haven't set foot in that school in almost eleven years.

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