Monday, March 16, 2009


My productivity was shot to hell first thing this morning, because I didn't sleep well and had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed. Should have seen that as a sign.

The majority of my day was spent making sure the state of Maryland had proof that I AM an insured driver (Note to Self: never assume government agencies have a clue what they are doing when you move state to state). That was quite fun, especially the letter I received today (3/16) telling me that as of 3/12 I was considered uninsured. Uh, HUH? Anyway, after a brief panic attack in front of my insurance agent's assistant and a trip to the MVA, all is well. Case closed.

So get home around 3pm, thinking there's still time to salvage and get some stuff done. Until my computer gets spyware. And an attitude. And slooooooooooooow. Another two and a half hours of downloads later (and a lot of swearing that would make Evy proud), all seems well.

Except I haven't had dinner, it's almost 7pm, and "House" is on in an hour.

*eyes the TO DO list*

Yeah, major #dayfail.


Frank Baron said...

Heck girl, if the day ends with you breathing, how can it be considered a failure? ;)

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Very sage point, Frank. And you're right. *g*

On the plus side, the rest of the week is looking to perk up nicely.