Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When Is a Twist.....

....not really a twist?

When it's a cop-out. Or when you know a show still has at least one season left, and one of the major story lines can't possibly continue in the same direction it's been going, so the big, last-scene revelation isn't all that shocking. Okay, it's not even a tiny bit shocking.

I'm looking at you, Nip/Tuck. You had me up until that final phone call. Argh!!!

I love it when writers make the hard choices. I love it when difficult situations have difficult solutions. I love it when an author or a series GOES THERE. Not many of them do. Maybe it's why I don't like watching sitcoms anymore--the majority are neat little packaged problems, solved within twenty-two minutes, and tied up with a bow.

Nip/Tuck pushes boundaries, sure. It shocks and surprises, and it'll go places a lot of shows won't (having sex with a sofa, for example). Alas, tonight's season finale "twist" had me rolling my eyes, wondering when I'd wandered into a bad episode of Grey's Anatomy.

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