Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm All For Suspension of Disbelief...

...but come on!

Last night I sat through My Bloody Valentine 3-D (the 2-D version, though, because rentals don't come with 3-D glasses). I was in the mood for a splatter movie. Jensen Ackles and Kerr Smith are hot. It got half-decent reviews. And aside from the strange-looking 3-D-effects-rendered-2-D moments, it wasn't a bad story. I liked the "twist."

My issue?

The movie is set in a West Virginia mining town, in February. February! So why were folks running around in light sweater coats? And there were leaves on the trees!

I know, I know, they probably had the film the movie in April or something, but come on. There are not leaves on the trees in WV, in the ass-end of winter.



Anonymous said...

i saw the movie 3 times in the cinema in 3D. i must say, i never even noticed the trees. *shrugz* too busy drooling over 3D jensen, i guess.

psychmajor said...

Your comment about leaves on trees gave me a good solid laugh!