Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Number 24

Maybe this is, after some reflection, my new lucky number. Let me count the ways.

* Today is the 24th, also my birthday

* "24" is one of the best TV shows ever

* The song "24" by Jem is one of my favorite songs, and something I listened to repeatedly while writing THREE DAYS TO DEAD

* 24 hours in a day

* December 24 is Christmas Eve

* 2+4=6, and 24 is divisible by 6, 2, and 4 (I don't know if this means anything other than I've overthought this a little)

* The 24th of November is when my book comes out, 5 months from today!!!!

So after spending the bulk of today reading and poking at a story, I'll be heading off the continue Birthday celebrations with a viewing of Transformers 2, and then on to drink and dance at Seacrets in Ocean City.

Have a great Wednesday, folks! And don't forget, Countdown: June! Contest will be hosted at the League this coming Friday!


alanajoli said...

Five months! Totally time for a countdown!

And again, happy birthday. :) I hope it was wonderful (despite the rain!).

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Thanks, Alana. It was good, despite the few hours where I was convinced I'd killed my Blackberry. Not happy times. But it seems okay now.

Falcata Times said...

LOL, the 24th was also my birthday. Wooohhoo!!! Will keep checking in.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Happy belated birthday!