Saturday, August 09, 2008


Countdown to the big move: 6 Days


Today the living room was tackled, and in doing so, a stack of magazines was delivered to my bed. Mostly copies of "Entertainment Weekly," plus a few assorted cooking magazines. The cooking ones went into a pile for recipe clipping. The EW's were divided between HaveRead, MustRead, and Save. It's kind of sad that the MustRead's outnumbered the Save's, and were about fifty percent the amount of HaveRead's (which went into the trash).

Makes me glad I cancelled my subscription. I liked finding a magazine to read every Friday evening (or every other when they published those annoying double issues). But I rarely sat down and read it the same day. Usually it was a few days later. Or they were forgotten, and now sit comfortably in my MustRead pile. And on top is the most recent issue, with the boys from Tropic Thunder (which looks hysterical!).

It's all about de-cluttering. I don't need the magazines. I can read most of the articles on their website. It'll save me money when my subscription is due (I'm even getting a small refund, since I cancelled early). All in all, a good thing.


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