Friday, August 29, 2008

Viewer's Choice

All day today, SciFi Channel is airing a Star Trek: Enterprise "Viewer's Choice" marathon. I'm a fan, have been since day one. Sure, the show had its flaws (quite a few of them, actually) and its share of cringe-worthy moments (although nothing quite so cringe-inducing as Deanna Troi on the first two seasons of TNG). However, I love it.

I take that back: I love Trip Tucker. He's battled with Worf as my favorite Trek character, ever, and I finally decide to let them share the #1 spot.

Anyway, after perusing the list of episodes "chosen" for the marathon, I have a funny feeling there are a lot more Trip fans out there than I thought. While "Unexpected" is a glaring omission from the playlist (Funniest. Episode. Ever.), all of the other Trip-centric eps are listed: "Shuttlepod One," "Similitude," "Cogenitor," "Twilight," and "Terra Prime, Pt 2." Alas, "These Are the Voyages" also made the list, but no list is perfect.

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