Monday, August 04, 2008

Google-Fu and Patron Saints

Countdown to the BIG MOVE: 11 Days


So I was playing with the sequel to my agented novel (yes, yes, don't do that until the first one is sold, I know), and I realized that in the three times I mention the city's hospital in Three Days to Dead, I never actually named it or said where it was. I had to go back and check both manuscripts to make sure. The only thing I did say was that it wasn't on the same side of the river as Parkside East.

Whipping out my trusty, hand-drawn map of the city, I decided on a location. Then I needed to name it. I liked the idea of naming it after a saint, but also a saint with some meaning. Not being Catholic, I hadn't a clue who to use. Enter Google. After a couple of clicks, I found St. Eustachius. He died as a martyr and is the patron saint of Hunters. Seems to fit (not necessarily the martyr part, but definitely the Hunter part).

I do wish I'd gotten more writing done this vacation, but I packing was the priority. There's still more to do. And oh my Lord, U-Haul trucks are expensive! *faints*

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