Saturday, September 27, 2008

Icicle Impalements and Other Acts of Karmic Violence

"Yeah, and I was karmically impaled by an icicle for saying it."
-Cristina Yang

The best line in Thursday's season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy." Seriously.

After a rocky season last year, the show is showing some promise. The Chief's "you're on notice" speech at the end had better pay off. In some ways, it felt like creator Shonda Rhimes talking to both the cast/crew and her viewing audience, saying that things will only get better (and really, can they get much lower that Gizzie?).

Character rundown:

Meredith - The real character deserving of icicle impalement. Her back and forth on moving in with Derek was getting annoying, so Yay! on Cristina for telling her to just shut up. Mer has grown a lot since the beginning of last season, but she's still annoying for a narrator.

Derek/Rose - Anyone else was to smack her for stabbing him with a scalpel? And how hot was Derek when he was yelling at the Chief?

Izzie/Alex - While I love to see the softer side of Alex, I also love to see him in his full-on asshole gear. But his conversation with Sarabeth, about why her husband may not have wanted to show weakness to her, was awesome. He's awesome, when he's not busy being an ass.

George/Lexie - I'm going to gouge out her puppy-dog eyes in a minute. Seriously.

Callie/Erica - I like those two. The "virgins" conversation was so cute. Although I can just see the George-moping when he finds out his ex-wife is with a woman....

Sarabeth - Can I just say how much I adored seeing Bernadette Peters in this role? She always plays outspoken, brassy characters. But she knocked this part out of the friggin park, with her quiet desperation and slow breakdown. Just wow.

Cristina/Sergeant Badass - HOT! HOT! So glad he's around for more than one episode....

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