Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy October!

Now's probably a good time to change my calendar over. *sigh* This is my second year in a row with a "Grey's Anatomy" calendar, and while staring at Meredith all September wasn't awful, now I'm stuck with a mopey picture of O'Malley for the next thirty-one days. Why can't they do a 16-month McDreamy calendar? Why???

I've finally worked my way through my TDTD manuscript and entered the edits into the digital file. Time for another printing and read-through (I adore my laser printer. Have I said that lately?) . I added quite a few words in order to clarify some points and add dimension to some supporting players, but now I feel like I should chop some. Which is entirely possible, because I think I accidentally repeated a few points too many times. Hence the read-through. I just can't catch those things on my screen as well as I can on paper (plus, I love using my purple pen).

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